Rotan: Sooner or later my team will bear fruit

Ротань: Рано или поздно моя работа в сборной принесет плоды

About the reasons for such results, said the coach of a youth team Ruslan rotan:

– Of course, we are not satisfied with the current situation of the team in the selection. We hoped for more. I assumed that during the qualifying tournament we will be faced with certain difficulties, although not to the same extent as it happened. But don’t worry, we won’t pay its way, and I am sure that sooner or later the work will bear fruit.

– Last year you reviewed the 45 candidates in the youth team. To be continued?
Yes. Our coaching staff tries to cover as much as possible the number of guys who could use the youth team. And the fact that they are, I have no doubt.

– Just before the start of the selection of the youth national team won the world champion U-20 …
– Many guys were probably the oversaturation of football. Someone tired, someone calmed down, and all this affected the results of the youth national team. This time I did not realize. So wished the players a good rest and to rethink their work. This, incidentally, applies not only to the world Champions, but some of the older players. But if someone doesn’t like it, we are not with them on the way. Performance for the youth or national team is a responsibility to the whole country, so the more our team is not going to be someone who served a number.

– What you need to add players who were called into the ranks of the youth team?
– One component no. Someone is missing and skill, but the main problem, in my opinion, is the lack of match practice in the first teams of most of our performers. However, the coaching staff believes in them, we see the guys potential.

– Given the position, hands down not going?
– In any case. If there is even the slightest chance to take a seat, we will fight for it

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