Rouen: It burns a car to get revenge but causes a fire monster

The fire brigade worked to contain the fire. The building has been evacuated (figure). — C.

A man has caused a major fire in the parking lot outside a residence, Rouen (Seine-Maritime), about 5 o’clock on Monday.

He set fire to three cars and a scooter to take revenge on a person he suspected of spreading rumors on his account, reports France 3 Normandie.

Six cars and a scooter reduced to ash

Several residents have insight in the process of torching the vehicles and have alerted the police. A patrol quickly arrived on the spot and caught the arsonist who tried to flee on foot. Meanwhile, the flames had spread to other vehicles and to the facades of the surrounding buildings. One of them has been evacuated.

Balance sheet : six cars and a scooter reduced to ashes, two building facades blackened, as well as several windows and French doors. The damage is estimated at more than 100,000 euros.

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He says he has burned several cars to scramble the tracks

In custody, the 21 year-old man who lives in Canteleu (Seine-Maritime) has explained the motive of his crime. He wanted to take revenge from the owner of one of the vehicles burned to the ground that he was suspected of spreading rumors about her.

Then why did you set fire to two other cars and a scooter ? To ensure that the victim does not know a target, and to “make believe a simple act of vandalism,” reports France 3 Normandie.

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Judged by appearance immediately at the tribunal de grande instance of Rouen, the young man has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment of which 6 are suspended.