Rousseau calls for the merger of the tram projects and 3rd link

Rousseau réclame la fusion des projets de tramway et de 3e lien

The advisor of Democracy in Québec, Jean Rousseau, has written to the prime minister to request the merger of the tram projects and the third link.

The advisor of Cap-aux-Diamants has sent a letter to François Legault, in which he took a stand for the securement of the two projects.

“I address you, Mr. Prime Minister, for the government of Québec will be the merger of the two public transport projects such as the tram and the 3rd link under-river. To achieve this, I suggest you merge the two project offices,” he wrote.

He said he is also in agreement with the realization of the new study of traffic that the CAQ has chosen to put in motion to assess the impact of the third link on the network structure of the administration Labeaume.

“This would signal to all the need of an integration of the two projects. Moreover, the increase in explosive costs of the tram, of the order of $ 700 million, and scenarios that amputeraient the tramway show the need to find economies of scale by aiming for a mesh of the two projects. “

It reiterates the importance of integrating the two company of transport of Québec and Lévis in order to avoid to oppose the north shore and the south shore, as well as the need to get an underground metro in the tunnel that will connect the two cities and exclude the cars.

It offers a possible regional society of transport to be at the head of a future integrated network, which would also include two lines of trambus east-west in Québec city and Lévis.

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