Routes of artists, where he wrote his masterpieces Serov, Savrasov and Vasnetsov

По маршрутам художников: где писали свои шедевры Серов, Саврасов и Васнецов

Many painters worked from life. To visit friends and there to write the masterpieces loved the painter Valentin Serov. Today you can walk around the suburban HOMESTEAD, where he posed the famous “Girl with peaches”. In General, collect a picnic basket, get your camera ready and forward in the “artistic journey”. The guide was made by the correspondent of “MIR 24” Valentine Bekshaeva.

The first point on the art map is just 60 km from Moscow. The Abramtsevo estate in the XIX century belonged to the family of the patron Mamontov. For artists, he opened a workshop, which was cluttered with canvases and paints. In Abramtsevo most of the artists experienced an unprecedented upsurge of creative effort. Wandered here in search of inspiration Vasnetsov. Here is the place where grew three heroes.

“To him every morning and led the big horse from the stables Savva Mamontov. Viktor wrote him a horse for Ilya Muromets,” said leading researcher of the Museum-reserve “Abramtsevo” Anna Kuznetsova.

Place with paintings of “Heroes”, agree, impregnated with the Russian spirit. The Abramtsevo Museum holds one of the first sketches paintings. A model for Alyosha Popovich was the son of the owner of the estate Andrey Mamontov. If walking in the home of a family, wanders in the dining room, be ready to stumble upon a masterpiece of the XIX century – “Girl with peaches”. Here is a copy.

One summer day Vera Mamontova ran into the house and sat down at the table. Then the artist Serov was born the idea to write this amazing portrait. 11-year-old girl posed for him for two months every day for several hours.

“That picture was painted in this room, talking to many items in one corner the figure of a Grenadier who was here when the artist worked. Chairs with lyres, who stood in this room,” said Anna Kuznetsova.

For the entrance into the rooms, prepare 300 rubles. In Abramtsevo much more interesting. For example, the “Bouquets of azaleas” and Repin’s “the Hut on chicken legs” by Vasnetsov.

For total immersion in the atmosphere of a painting by Alexei Savrasov – go to the village of Susanino in Kostroma region. But certainly in March. It was here in 1871, the artist painted the landscape “the Rooks have arrived”. There you can go on a tour of the Museum of Ivan Susanin for only 50 rubles. And then be sure to find a suitable angle view of the resurrection Church.

The third point on the map will lead us to the South. In the midst of a season of holidays, and that means time to look at seascapes. In the Crimea did not part with a brush Ivan Aivazovsky. The types of Yalta, has received special attention of the artist. By the way, here filming the movie “dog in the manger”.

“Since then, it took time. Have grown vegetation, which is planted continuously modified a little bit the Park”, – said the employee of the Livadia Palace and Park Museum-reserve Irina Kartoshkin.

Will enjoy the greenery of the Park of the Livadia Palace, stay at the site overlooking the harbour. This place Aivazovsky depicted on the canvas, “Livadia”. In the picture the green alley walked the Royal family. Today, and you can feel the characters seascape, or take a look from the Palace at Yalta, lying at the hill. As can be seen from this angle Livadia Palace. For a walk around the neighborhood, where did the artist have to pay 400 rubles. In General, wherever you go, be alert – around the corner can wait for the landscape with another masterpiece of Russian artists.