Roxane Bruneau: “I was afraid of everything”

Roxane Bruneau: «J’avais peur de tout»

After the dark years marked by a profound anxiety, Roxane Bruneau has now found the light and enjoys it fully for a career that works at full speed since the release of his first album, in 2017. Even as the pandemic has made him see, paradoxically, at which point the scene he was missing. A thing she never would have thought possible in his early days, while treading the boards made her sick.

Roxane Bruneau is part of the artists who have been invited to reconnect with the scene these days, the time to a few outdoor concerts with the touring TD musiparc. A gift for the person who has hardly experienced the abnormal termination of performances in march.

“At the beginning, when I was called to tell me that I do not do anything for two weeks, I was happy and I took it as a holiday,” she explains at the end of the wire. But when you called me to tell me that it would start again no, it was the burn-out for two days. “

Roxane Bruneau entrust, however, have drawn a lot of positive to the period of confinement. “I started to train myself, to eat better, she said. I returned to my old love of the web, I’ve created the content. “

But also, ” I discovered that I liked more things than I thought, make the scene, she adds. I think now, I will embrace the process even more tour “.


A few years ago, however, the young 29 year old woman who was struggling with serious anxiety problems probably would not have ever believed that she could one day have a thirst for connection with people.

“My first time on stage, I thought I would die,” recalls she. I was sick before each show, I cried and I hurt all over. I look at photos of that time and I was so skinny that it was sad. I was grugée by anxiety. I don’t know how I managed to get through it. I think it is really the love of people and my band has done I am still here today, and that I manage it. “

“But if I hadn’t had a lot of fun on stage the first time, I never would have redid “, she says.

Reborn thanks to the web

His anxiety issues dating back to adolescence. In the interview, she speaks about openly.

“I have not been able to finish school because I don fitais not in the mold,” she says. In time, we do not put easy finger on the difficulty. Today, the ADHD, the anxiety, everything is more accepted, more recognized. There, I was just a squeals of tiring for everyone ! “

“I had fear, fear of fear, fear of not being good, fear of not being taken, afraid to make a CV, afraid to pay at a cashier ! I was afraid of everything, ” she continued.

At the time, a friend found a job at Pizza Hut. “I survived because my boss was really thin, and it gave me the remaining. I told myself that I would finish there, because I don’t know anything else. It is the internet that I was out of there. “

In his one and a half, Roxane Bruneau began to make small sketches on the web for his friends. It quickly becomes viral in spite of itself, and you know the rest. It now has 125,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

“People loved me, said she. And me, I loved him so much that it made me feel good that people love me. “

But today, it is still a duty to encourage young people to ” finish their studies and [to] find alternatives. Because I, I’ve been very lucky. There many are called and few are chosen “.

Roxane Bruneau cannot yet speak of the anxiety of the past. But it handles better the thing since she’s seen a health care professional who has “put the finger on the bobo” at the beginning of his career.

She was eager to return to the scene, but she said that she was still ” traumatised to try again. It is something that makes me even anxious to go away, to sleep elsewhere. It is very painful for my brain not work like everyone else “.


However, it can only be proud of the road travelled. It took more than 40 000 copies of his first album, it fills its halls and has won a Felix for little bits of you, the sacred song of the year at the ADISQ awards last fall. A visibility which, according to his words, was doing “a 360” to his career.

“It can’t happen just not when I think of it. Even giving this interview, today, it is a miracle. “

► Roxane Bruneau will be performing on July 15th at the bay of Beauport, and on July 18 in Gatineau.

A dark secret unveiled

The Secret“>

The Secret

During the pandemic, Roxane Bruneau has finally decided to reveal that his poignant song The secret, which focuses on domestic violence, and she had written at the age of 12 years, is actually its own history and that of his mother.

In a video put online on 7 June, she explained that the text is inspired by what his mother has lived with a former abusive spouse (who is not his father), that she had refused to do since its release in 2017. The clip has been viewed more than 175,000 times since then.

“My goal was not to talk about it at all,” she said. I was asked the question many times. But I didn’t want to start my career with something personal. I wanted the people interested in my music before all my little bugs and existential. And this is not something that is easy to say no more. “

A light bulb went on in her head when she saw an advertisement of SOS violence during the pandemic. “It was not so much to get out my story. But to maybe help a single person during the confinement. We therefore redid the song, it was published on the platforms, and under raised go to SOS violence conjugale. So, that was my goal. “

“My mother told me : “If it is to help people, you tell what you want.” “

The song makes a lot react when the performer in the show. “I see women cry, I am able to spot those who have lived in the room. There is a girl who came to see me at any given time, and she told me : “I have an eight year-old boy, and he waited for his father to leave to make me listen to the song. And when I listened to her, I left.” This, I really fuckée. I had just started, and testimonials like that, I was not ready to receive it. “

A second album under construction

Roxane Bruneau is recognized for his poetry of raw, which is only a stumble not in metaphors. Artist fully and without a filter, it promises that there were so many strong emotions have been the basis for the creation of the second album than on the first. She took advantage of the pandemic to save this album, in her bathroom, that she has converted into a studio.

“I’m glad, the second album really like me more, especially at the level of the music. This is the Roxane Bruneau 2.0, but there are still a lot of songs deep. There is a lot of fear in the album. The fear of losing the people that they are uninterested. “

When will there be right this second opus ? “I’ll start when I’ll be able to do a launch in front of people. Otherwise, it’s like giving birth, and that nobody can come see the baby ! “

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