RRT is conducting 13 investigations relating to Poroshenko

ГБР проводит 13 расследований, связанных с Порошенко

Only the fifth President 23 times caused on interrogation

The state Bureau of investigation (RRT) is investigating 13 criminal cases involving the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
It is noted that in these industries, in particular, have already conducted 12 searches, scheduled 35 examinations and imposed five arrests.

In addition, the RRT reported that it was able to spend three interrogations Poroshenko. Another 20 times he did not appear at the request of investigators.

Among the industries, which is conducting an investigation of the RRG, the transition of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait, which resulted in the imposition of martial law in Ukraine a year ago. In addition, the investigation carried out into his illegal transfer across the state border using forged documents (the Maldives).

Also in the GBR to investigate the facts of illegal transfer of judges to the Leadership of Moldova and the illegal detention of Saakashvili and his expulsion to Poland.

In addition, the proceedings opened on the fact of seizure of state power and forgery of an official document when you make a submission on the appointment of the Prime Minister of Ukraine in the absence of coalition in the Verkhovna Rada.

Another production for the tax evasion and the subsequent legalization (laundering) of income obtained by criminal means, during a transaction for the sale of television channel Direct.

Earlier it was reported that the State Bureau of investigation (RRT) was sent to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) project the message on suspicion to the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

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