RSI : The directors have received bonuses of up to 10,000 euros ?

The amount of a bonus paid to certain members of management of RSI is pointed out on social networks. — SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS/SIPA;

  • A contractor, based on a publication of the CGT, announced that the leaders of the RSI will reach a premium ranging from 6.000 to 10.000 euros.
  • This premium corresponds to an increase of the load of work of some leaders.
  • Its amount is lower than announced.

“The leaders of the IHR will receive up to $ 10,000 bonuses for services rendered “, quickens the contractor Eric Verhaeghe on the site to Decide and Undertake. An ad takeover by the website
Left me to kill and that was quickly relayed on social networks. The social regime of independent being rather famous for its
malfunction, to the point that it is
disappear in its current form, the amount of the premium alert.

Eric Verhaeghe is based on a document published on the page Facebook of the CGT RSI on 9 October. The union’s majority among the staff of the IHR, states that a “premium Trajectory of 6,000 to 10,000 euros for services rendered” will be paid to the officers direction, while a premium “135 euros for services rendered” will be given to employees and executives.


The direction of the RSI reverses the amounts advanced by the union. This premium, for officers of management is “to 4.882 €” on average, details Stéphane Councillor, director general of the caisse nationale du RSI, 20 Minutes.

But what is it ? Has a large overload of work, advance the direction. Explanation : previously, the IHR was organized in 25 regional banks and one national fund. Since 2016, the number of regional banks was reduced to 9. The directors, deputy directors, assistant directors and accounting officers have seen their territory grow significantly, especially as the management staff has been reduced ” 30 % “, explains Stéphane Mentor.

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This premium relates to potentially “60 to 70” people, adds the director general. “It is a system of target-based bonuses “, which means that the entire premium will not be paid if all objectives are not met.

Salary negotiation

As regards the premium of 135 euros payable to other agents, it is part of the policy of wage bargaining, as the range increases, seniority, or individual, develops Stéphane Mentor. Two premiums that correspond to situations entirely different, but which, laid side by side, still bear a blow to the IHR, to the image already tarnished…

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