RTC: 445 M$ to invest in the next ten years

RTC: 445 M$ à investir d’ici dix ans

The RTC will lengthen 445 M$ by 2029 in its infrastructure, in particular, to enlarge its Center Metrobus and build a third garage, of all amounts that have “no link” with the network structure, ensures its president, Rémy Normand.

The majority of this amount arises rather from the electrification missed the bus fleet of the public transport Network of the Capital, called to grow over the years despite the arrival of the tram, explained Mr Norman, in an interview.

“It has nothing to do with the work for the tram, the trambus and all the rest. You can’t do a direct link. Anyway, the bus fleet of the RTC, network structuring, or not, would have increased in time. There is a demand and it is necessary to provide a service greater than what it gives now “, he argues.

Bus 100 % electric

RTC: 445 M$ à investir d’ici dix ans

Rémy Normand
Chairman of the RTC

As of 2025, the government of Québec will cease to fund the purchase of diesel buses and hybrid models, ” he recalls. Only 100% electric buses will be eligible for a grant, which power the RTC and all other transport companies to adapt in anticipation of this important shift.

“The bulk of the budget, it really is in the prospect of the electrification of transport. You don’t need the same space or the same set-up for an electric bus. Standard buses, you stationnes bumper-to-bumper, then it is set. Here, there is a notion of location, connection that is different “.

A new garage at$200 Million

The most important investment is evaluated, for the moment, at$ 200 Million for a centre of operations and maintenance brand new. It is, however, a summary estimate which will be refined with engineers and architects. Its location has not yet been found. None of the land has been bought for this purpose. There is no precise timetable.

Opened there are barely ten years old, the Centre Metrobus on Armand-Viau – who hosts the articulated buses – will also be expanded and refurbished at a cost of$ 144 Million, one can read in the capital program 2020-2029 PSTN. Also add to that a sum of$ 76 Million for the construction of an operational center.

“Phase very preliminary”

“Currently, the projects are all in a phase very preliminary. So we are still far away from the building, ” says the spokesperson for the RTC, Brigitte Lemay.

The city council has recently adopted a series of regulations to debt of more than$ 50 Million for the startup of these projects, which will be potentially eligible for government financial aid, when the preliminary studies have been made.

A good part of the envelope of 445 M$ is therefore likely to come from the coffers of the quebec State.

The RTC currently operates a fleet of almost 600 buses and said already running out of space to store the buses at night. A temporary space should be rented, until his third garage sees the light of day in a few years.

Major expenditures on the horizon

  • Construction of untroisième operating centre bus : 200 M$
  • Expansion and redevelopment of the Centre Metrobus : $144 Million
  • Construction of a new operational centre : $76 Million
  • Additional Budget for the upgrading of centres : – $25 Million
  • Total : 445$ M
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