Rubiks: Gorbachev agreed with the West on the division of the Baltic States

Рубикс: Горбачёв договорился с Западом о разделе Прибалтики

Alfred Rubiks. Illustration:
The last Chapter of the Communist party of Latvia Alfred Rubiks is sure that between the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the Western bloc there was some agreement on the Baltic. Protocols of this agreement Rubiks not seen, but is going to demand their publication.

A lengthy interview with the Rubiks was recorded during the creation of the documentary film “In the labyrinth of Atmoda” (“Atmodas” in Latvia is called the process of leaving the Republic from the USSR). The film will be shown on the LTV channel in January next year. Part of the interview published to the portal During the conversation, Rubiks rejected the theory that he was denied an exit of Latvia from the Soviet Union on the grounds that it threatened the construction of the subway in Riga.

“That’s not true. I was for the fact that, if we decide to leave the Soviet Union, may will be a referendum and let people decide whether to come out or not. Not that it will happen under the influence of a group (Latvian —Colossal) compatriots abroad and other groups under the influence of the United States of America. I’m not metro came up with. To protect me there was nothing. When I came to work in the Riga city Council, the metro was already planned, even the names of the stations. Then there was the popular front (its leader DainisColossal) Evans wrote that the metro will drown the Old Riga. As for the National front — Yes, I was against it. To me, the word “front” is not on the heart. I’m a war child survived… I was summoned to the office of the first Secretary of the Communist party of Latvia. Given to understand that I have to join the people’s front, because I’m a popular man, good work, because it will be good if I recognize the front. I refused,” said a former Communist functionary.Next, Alfred Rubiks spoke about the contents disclosed in Latvia a year ago, “bags of KGB”.

“I have for the file Cabinet not answer, I have not seen her, because I know that I was not there and could not be because of my status. I worked in the Komsomol, when they called me and talked to me. I said I was not going anywhere (informants of the KGB — Colossal) that work at the plant that I was Secretary of the Komsomol organization. Anything I haven’t asked. Then my posts were related to security issues, but nothing I wasn’t forced neither to write nor to report on the trips because my trip was a public official. All knew…” — said the ex-Communist.”In the party were many. Gorbachev, too, was in our party, the biggest traitor. I’ll write the book and turn to the institutions of power, to published secret protocols, which Gorbachev signed with the United States of America, and while on Cyprus, and Ireland. Those protocols, which are still not published. This is not a simple protocols, there was agreement about how to divide the Baltic States. It is not surprising that the restoration of independence just happened. You can, of course, to portray characters and tell Me… these protocols is unknown. But I want to see them due to the information that reached my ears from very senior people in Moscow. These protocols needed to produce and view that Gorbachev has promised,” — said Rubiks.

He spoke about the poor quality of the then Soviet elite. “Drunk Yeltsin was signed by all who wanted. Come to us with Gorbunov (the last Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR Anatoly GorbunovColossal), two days probuhaet the signs, went to Estonia. So the power is not in use. Where, in this case, listening to the people? How could Gorbachev not to respect the fact that the Union referendum, the majority of the population voted for preserving the Soviet Union, because we need to build relations?”, said Rubiks, calling Gorbachev is the biggest traitor. “Yes, the biggest. Such a state give? And he gave that went where the winds blow” — said Rubiks.In his opinion, “given the state” Gorbachev was in the course of his meetings with Western politicians. “I have not heard from him nothing, except empty words and under the guise of what it claims to be fighting for the victory of communism. No way he fought,” concluded the last Chapter of the Communist party of Latvia.

Earlier, in an interview with the portal Rubiks denied that the death of the Soviet Union in advance was determined by the peculiarities of its social order.

“No, not on your Nelly. The collapse of the USSR is associated with the deliberate actions of many individuals — including those who nominated Gorbachev for the post of head of state. That is, it was specifically embedded with subversive purposes. Yes, the Soviet Union at that time was in need of change — the healthy forces in the Communist party are quite aware of it and supported reforms at the XXVII party Congress. Life after all is not in place, the state apparatus constantly needs improvements and adjustments: therefore, reforms continuously take place in all countries and in all modes. But their conduct is not meant of necessity the destruction of the USSR and abandonment of socialist ideas. The point of no return was passed after Gorbachev received the position of President and proceeded to change the Constitution and legal framework of the state. The result was the collapse of the Soviet Union; but I am convinced that this could have been avoided. Gorbachev was the destroyer; having made the dirty deed, he simply ran away from the post, not trying to stop the process of disintegration of the country entrusted to him” — said the politician.Note that 84-year-old Alfred Rubiks was born in Daugavpils. In 1957-1961 — engineer-technologist, head of the Bureau of the Riga electrical engineering plant. He was Secretary of the Komsomol Committee of the city of Riga. In 1962-1968 years — first Secretary, second Secretary, Secretary of the Central Committee LKSM of Latvia. In the 1976-1982 years — the first Secretary of the CPL of Latvia in the Leningrad district of Riga, in 1976-1982 he was a member of the district Executive Committee. In 1980-1991 years — Deputy of the 10th and 11th sessions of the Supreme Council of the LSSR. In 1982-1984 — Minister of local industry of the Lithuanian SSR, in 1984-1990 — Chairman of the Riga Executive Committee or as would say now, the mayor of Riga. In 1989-1991 — people’s Deputy of the USSR, in 1990-1991 — member of the Central Committee of the USSR, member of the Politburo of the USSR, the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPL. In 1991-1992 — Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia. In August 1991 arrested on charges of “betraying the state”, and placed in the Riga Central prison. In 1993, he ran for the 5th Saeima, while in custody, and was elected Deputy. In may 1995, the Prosecutor demanded to punish Alfred Rubiks eight years in prison. In November 1997, the Rubiks was released early from prison in October 1999 was elected Chairman of the Latvian Socialist party. In 2009-2014 was a member of the European Parliament from the Latvian political Association “the consent Center”.Source

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