Rudkovskaja Plushenko found in bed with another

Рудковская обнаружила Плющенко в постели с другой

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya found her husband, figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, resting in bed with a dog named FIFA, which come in wild delight. The corresponding video is placed on the page of the athlete .

The woman was amazed that the pet slept in a whimsical pose, on his back. According to her, a scene she sees for the first time.

“Guys, have you ever seen a dog sleeping on the back with your master?” – asked the star subscribers.

Four-legged friend, despite repeated addresses to him, continued to enjoy it. Then the couple attempted to Wake the dog.

Commentators generously bestowed compliments the FIFA. But there were those who suspected Rudkovskaya that to the dog it is better than my own son.

Earlier it was reported that Alexander Plushenko, or Dwarf Gnomic (as it is affectionately called in the family) will complete high school at home.