Rumba and Samba: in a Moscow Park ENEA will open the dance season

Румба и самба: в московском парке ВДНХ откроется танцевальный сезон

In a Moscow Park ENEA on Saturday, June 15, open the dance season. On weekends, the Park will hold free classes, reported on the official portal of the government of the capital.

So, the classes will be held on weekends from 19:00 to 21:00 GMT on the veranda of the pavilion “culture House”. Citizens will be able to dance Rumba, Samba, classical ballroom dancing.

In addition, free dance classes this summer, citizens will be able to visit in the parks “charge” and “Sokolniki”.

Earlier it was reported that this summer at ENEA ride on bikes, scooters, gyrometer; tennis courts and choose other sports.