Russia: blogger arrested for unlawful access to State secrets

Russie: un blogueur arrêté pour accès illégal à des secrets d’État

A blogger Russian, known in particular for his videos on Russian nuclear plants, was arrested for having accessed illegally State secrets, said Wednesday to AFP an activist of the rights of detainees, Marina Litvinovitch.

Andrei Pyj, video-blogger of 35 years, “is accused of illegal access to information classified as a State secret, and their distribution outside of Russia,” said Ms. Litvinovitch, a member of a Russian NGO monitoring of prisons, which he visited the day before in his cell.

He was arrested a week ago and risk between three and eight years in prison, according to the same source.

The court Mechtchanski of Moscow ordered the detention of Andrei Pyj August 6, according to the website of the judicial body.

The string “urbanturizm” Mr. Pyj, followed by 786 000 subscribers on Youtube, in particular, offers stories videos shot in Russian nuclear plants, active and abandoned, subway tunnels, or in a uranium mine, abandoned in the south of Russia.

One of the reports also shows a Russian radar station alert, built in the soviet era near Murmansk (north-west).

Several videos shot in Pripyat, in the Ukraine, tell us also what the blogger presents it as his “trip illegal” in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl power plant, site of the worst nuclear disaster in history in 1986.

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