Russia day in St. Petersburg celebrated with a colorful parade of flowers



In St. Petersburg, Russia Day coincided with the International festival of flowers. The event brought together and held an unusual parade along Nevsky Prospekt, reports “WORLD 24”.

Delicate floral catwalk at serious music performed by brass bands – the combination was unusual. Unexpected looks and design floral chariots. Here and colorful Venice, and restrained Japan, and the castle and vintage car. The composition was created by the best florists from Russia and Europe. They used hundreds of thousands of flowers.

“The most difficult story was with the peonies, because it is very unpredictable flower. You can’t always guess what he will be when fully blossom. We need that to happen on the day of the holiday. And the wind or the sun can intervene in the process,” said the florist Case So.

The procession ended at the Palace square with a Grand concert.