Russia expands influence in Africa: first results of the talks between Putin

 Россия расширит влияние в Африке: первые итоги переговоров Путина

As you know, today in Sochi started the economic forum “Russia – Africa”. The guest list has reached 10 thousand people. Moreover, they are representatives not only state but also private companies operating in various sectors: from metallurgy to pharmaceutical and high technology.

As previously noted the Russian leader, the eponymous summit will be a landmark event, which will be attended by the heads of 40 countries of the African continent of 54 invited.

As expected, the forum started with the welcoming speech of the President of Russia.

“I hope that the Forum will identify new areas and forms of cooperation put forward by the future joint initiatives that will bring interaction between Russia and Africa to a new level and will contribute to the development of our economies and the prosperity of our peoples”, – said Vladimir Putin.

The summit is primarily targeted to politicians, businessmen and ordinary people can get to know each other. According to the results of the forum, the Kremlin expects to sign a solid package of MOUs, intergovernmental agreements and commercial contracts.

As expected, the talk will be not only about investment and trade. To be affected such an important topic as security and counter potential new threats. Despite the fact that the forum is in full swing, the first results can bring.

First, Vladimir Putin has called for doubling the trade turnover with African countries. In addition, Moscow intends at the state level to increase its presence in Africa, which has already begun to invest by representatives of the Russian business.

A lot of interesting became aware of the talks with the Russian leader and President of Egypt. First, the expected resumption of flights, moreover, Putin was invited to the laying of new nuclear power plants. On civilian nuclear agreement was also signed with Ethiopia.

In General, the President of the Russian Federation had shown the greatest friendliness to the guests. For example, South Africa’s President has received an invitation to the Victory Day in Moscow.

In addition, it was stated that African countries write off the debts of 20 billion dollars. But do not resent. Africa is the continent where we expect explosive growth in this century. The write off 20 billion – a drop in the ocean. Therefore, the decision is correct. And cannot be compared with the Soviet period, when Africa has armed and fed for “loyalty”. Now a purely financial interest.

As to security, Russia plans to deliver to Africa of weapons to $ 4 billion. Putin said that we are talking about technology, the air force and air defense systems, armored vehicles, small arms, anti-tank missile complexes, which will put in 20 African States, including Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique and Angola. Also on the purchase of Russian helicopters thinks Eritrea.

Of course, to draw conclusions on the forum, which is still impossible. However, we can not hesitate to say that the event will be the most fruitful.