Russia : explosion in a building full containment, two dead

Russie : explosion dans un immeuble en plein confinement, deux morts

A building has been partially gutted on Saturday near Moscow by a gas explosion that killed two people and six wounded, at a time when the population is confined to the pandemic of Covid-19.

A photo posted on the account Instagram of the press service of the governor of the region of the Russian capital shows the destroyed building on at least three levels. The explosion took place on the second floor of an apartment building in Orekhovo-Zouïevo, a city located 95 kilometers East of Moscow.

The Russian ministry of emergency Situations reported that the explosion left two dead, six wounded and partially destroyed ten apartments.

Rescuers were searching in the early evening to the rubble under which could find two other people.

“I was at the window when I was blown away by the wave caused by the explosion,” said Alexey Mouranov, a witness interviewed by the state tv channel Rossiya 24. “At the beginning, we did not understand. It looked like the explosion of a car and there was a little smoke. Then people rushed forward to the place “, he continued.

A video released by the newspaper MK shows the facade of the building, which partially collapsed, while the houses surrounding it are intact. Onlookers are gathered on the lawn in front of the building.

The emergencies minister and the governor of the Moscow region have been on the spot.

The cause fatal explosions due to gas are relatively common in Russia because most of the infrastructure dates back to the soviet era, and the safety standards are often ignored.

The drama happened on Saturday comes in full containment of the fact of the spread of the new coronavirus. Most Russians are therefore supposed to stay at home.

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