Russia: friend or foe?

Россия: друг или враг?

Since the end of the cold war the task of the national security structures of the United States was the revival of the hatred, hostility and fear that existed between the Soviet Union and the United States during the cold war.This is the essence of the revitalization of the NATO Alliance the United States after the cold war, especially the absorption unit of the former Warsaw Pact countries. This is also the reason for NATO to absorb Ukraine to oust Russia from its longstanding bases in Crimea and to install on the borders of Russia American missiles.It is also the cause of all the anti-hype. The goal has always been to turn Russia into an official enemy, the enemy and rival of the United States. What could be better to keep the American people in fear and stress? What could better guarantee the growing budget of the Pentagon, the CIA and the NSA — three main components of the so-called “deep state” of America?Yes, the “war on terrorism” has succeeded in making the Americans began to fear the terrorists, and to some extent Muslims in General. But many Americans understand that the roots of terrorism against Americans come from the propensity of America to interfere in the Affairs of other countries. As soon as U.S. military forces and paramilitary forces will be withdrawn from the Middle East and Afghanistan, the American establishment power structures will know that the racket under the pretext of “war on terrorism” is over.On the other side of the equation are those who say that American policy should be friends with Russia, and specifically Vladimir Putin. Many of us on this side of the equation say the same thing for many of the world’s dictators — North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong-UN, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi or Bashar al-Assad.In fact, both sides are wrong. There is no reason that the U.S. government was necessarily the official enemies or friends from among the representatives of foreign regimes. All that is needed to help restore a peaceful and harmonious society in America, is a) take control of the Federal government, limiting his intervention in the Affairs of other countries, and b) to free the private sector of the United States, the American people freely interacted with people the rest of the world.For the first time, it means to bring all US troops home from all foreign bases and disband them home. They are not needed, and actually only a burden on taxpayers. This also means the cessation of foreign aid the United States to all foreign regimes. No more invasions, coups, assassinations, bombings, explosions, shootings, operations on change of regime, kidnappings, torture, indefinite detention and spying.Concerning the second point, this means the removal of all restrictions on the freedom of the American people to interact with people all over the world. This means the abolition of all sanctions, embargoes, trade restrictions, tariffs, and ending the trade wars. This means the abolition of the American socialist system of immigration control and related police state. This means free trade and open immigration, ie free movement of goods, services and products across borders.For anything that is not necessary that American politics have become friends or enemies (rivals, enemies, enemy) foreign leaders or foreign regimes. All you need is to get the Federal government under control and to liberate the American people.Americans, including tourists, businessmen, commercial and cultural groups, are the best diplomats of our country. The Pentagon, CIA and state Department officials are the worst diplomats. In the world love the American people. But they really don’t like the American policy, and it is justified.

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