Russia has increased the requirements for “duty of Yanukovych”

Россия увеличила требования по «долгу Януковича»

© RIA Novosti, Alexander Demyanchuk Russia demands from Ukraine in the case of the so-called “debt Yanukovych” about $ 4.5 billion. The amount increased by one and a half billion because of accrued interest. On 9 December, the press service of the Ministry of Finance.
In 2013, Moscow bought Ukrainian Eurobonds for three billion dollars on market terms (with the coupon rate of 5% per annum). Until the end of 2015 Kiev regularly serviced the debt, but then defaulted on these bonds.

Earlier, the Supreme court began hearings on the case. They will last until 12 December. The Ministry of Finance are confident that the court will make a decision in favor of Russia.

The Ukrainian government is trying to introduce this duty as a duty of a private person — a former President of the country Viktor Yanukovych, fled the country after the events on the Maidan, therefore, refuses to pay the money.

The Finance Ministry filed a lawsuit in London’s High court in March 2017 won it. The court ordered Ukraine to pay Russia the nominal value of bonds — three billion dollars, the amount of unrealized coupon payment is $ 75 million, as well as penalty interest.

However, the court of Appeal of England in September 2018 ruled on the appeal of Ukraine, confirming the validity of her waiver in consideration of three of the four grounds raised in order to avoid execution of obligations on these bonds.

The court stated that the fourth argument of Ukraine (the issue of Eurobonds under pressure from Russia), unlike the others, cannot be dismissed without conducting a comprehensive trial.

Russia in November 2018 appealed to the Supreme court of the United Kingdom to organize a comprehensive process to explore the argument about the pressure on Ukraine.

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