Russia is expected to increase “significantly” to mortality in may

La Russie s’attend à une hausse «significative» de la mortalité en mai

MOSCOW | Russia said Friday to expect a “significant increase” in mortality in the month of may, while welcoming a stabilization of the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the second country most affected.

Compared to western Europe and the United States, the mortality attributed to coronavirus remains relatively low in Russia, with 3249 victims for more than 326, 000 cases detected, according to official figures.

But Russia does not identifies in this report, as the death the cause first is the coronavirus, after the autopsy, when other countries include in their figures almost all of the deaths of patients tested positive.

The Russian authorities have provided no figures as to the number of deaths among identified cases of COVID-19.

Critics believe, therefore, that the Russia under-evaluates to plan the number of dead, but as the figures from the general mortality and possible mortality that would give a better idea of the human toll of the sars coronavirus.

The vice First Russian minister Tatiana Golikova said he expected Friday to be “a significant increase in indicators of death” in may, while defending himself from any deception.

“We have never hidden the situation of mortality in Russia “, she assured during a government meeting, stressing that the country determines the cause of the death of its citizens ” in accordance with international requirements formulated by the world Health Organization “.

The mayor of Moscow, Sergueï Sobianine, has also estimated that the number of dead would be “significantly higher” in may compared to April, advocating the retention of the containment in Moscow, the epicentre of the epidemic.

He had already said the day before to expect that the death of patients multiply.

In a television interview, Anastasia Rakova, one of the assistants of Mr Sobianine, explained that ” the peak of mortality is reached, usually two or three weeks after the hospitalization “.

“Stabilization “

Russia reported Friday a new record for the number of deaths from the coronavirus in a single day with 150 victims. The number of new infections seems to be stabilizing at less than 9000 cases detected every day.

The situation in the largest country in the world is variable depending on the region, the caucasian republic of Dagestan, knowing, she, a “disaster” health which has forced the central authorities to react. They have assured Friday that the station is ” stabilized “.

The epidemic has also done damage in several key locations: the fields of hydrocarbons, gold mine or shipyard.

The deputy First minister said that he believed that Russia, which has begun a déconfinement careful, may 12, was placed in a “stabilization phase” of the epidemic and its health system had “stood the test” of the coronavirus. She said to “rejoice” of the slowdown seen in recent days, even if it ” remains a lot of work “.

President Vladimir Putin also welcomed a situation which ” is becoming more stable throughout the country “, while regretting that the dynamics of decline in new cases is not ” as fast as one could hope, and is sometimes even uncertain.”

He warned of the possible emergence of a “second wave” of infection in October and November.

The authorities explain the low mortality rate in Russia by the measures, taken since the beginning of the crisis, the epidemic that hit the country later than elsewhere in Europe, giving it time to reorganize its health system, as well as by a policy of mass screening of the population to identify and isolate asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

The city of Moscow is also conducting for a week a massive campaign of test to detect the antibodies in the population. According to initial results published by the biomedical company Invitro Friday, 14 per cent of the estimated 40 000 Muscovites already tested have antibodies.

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