Russia is ready to simplify the issuing of citizenship

В России готовятся упростить выдачу гражданства

The bills already Medvedev

The Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has developed a bill on simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship.

This is done in light of the instructions of Vladimir Putin, which he made in a Straight line in June, said Valentina Kazakova, the chief of the main Department on issues of migration, reports

Both documents are already under consideration of the government of Russia. The first bill simplifies the granting of citizenship for those who pass the program of compatriots.

“A bill providing for the simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship for participants of the state program of resettlement of compatriots, is currently in the government,” – quoted Kazakov TASS.

Another project facilitated access to citizenship for persons without identity documents.

“I’m talking about those who arrived after July 2002, did not meet the deadline of stay in the country (90 days) and for many years paying the price for committing an administrative offense,” – said Kazakov.

Kazakov explained that persons who were convicted in Russia, and after the liberation they had nowhere to leave the country, you can contact the Ministry of interior and to obtain the identity document that will serve as the basis for granting citizenship.

She added that the Agency plans to simplify the procedure for highly skilled foreign specialists.

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