Russia is targeting another Ukrainian town (VIDEO)

РФ нацелилась на еще один украинский город (ВИДЕО)

Russia can’t calm down because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the forces trying to regain control of the once-lost republics, according to DILL with reference to “Диалог.UA”.

In the air Rostv heard words to the effect that Chernigov is a Russian city. In the program “Saved” the philosopher Alexander Shchipkov has declared that “Chernigov same Russian city as Vladimir”.

The program itself is discussed more than the controversial topic: “About Ilya Muromets, football and the Nazis.”

Tweaks and presenter laughed at the fact that he calls Ukraine home of Ilya Muromets not Vladimir, and Chernigov. Russian philosopher said that, actually, and Vladimir, and Chernigov is a Russian city. But if Ukraine wants to Ilya Muromets was from Chernigov, then so be it, said Tweaks. Further more, Tweaks said that Ukraine wants to destroy the “Russian world” and doing everything possible for this.

However, he said that it is not necessary to take Kiev the relics of Ilya Muromets, as this city is one is the “mother of Russian cities”.


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