Russia may attack Ukraine in cyberspace American intelligence warned the U.S. Senate

The greatest threat to the United States in cyberspace in 2018, the year will be Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Росія може атакувати Україну у кіберпросторі - Американська розвідка попередила Сенат США

This is indicated by the written report of the Director of national intelligence Dan Coates “assessment of the global threats the intelligence services of the USA” which was given to them for the Senate Committee on intelligence, where on Tuesday held a hearing on global threats facing the United States.

The report expresses the opinion of the American intelligence services about the likelihood of a significant Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine.

“We expect that Russia will carry out a more bold and more destructive creepers over the next year, and very likely uses new tools against Ukraine”, – notes the report.

American intelligence, as indicated by the document, said that Russia should wait for new dangers in areas where it had already carried kartachov against Ukraine.

Such document calls: the failure of the Ukrainian energy system, abduction and the further dissemination of confidential information, DDOS attacks and methods under the guise of a (false flag operations) in cyberspace.

“Next year, Russian intelligence and security services will continue to attack the critical infrastructure of the United States and its allies, and will try to obtain non-public information about the U.S. policy of USA and NATO,” notes the report.

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