Russia responded to the failure of Ukraine speech of the Deputy to the UN

В России отреагировали на срыв Украиной выступления депутата в ООН

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Russian politicians and public figures criticized the behavior of the Ukrainian delegation at the UN forum in Geneva.On the eve of the representatives of Kiev disrupted the speech of the Deputy of state Duma Ruslan Balbec on the forum on minority issues. According to the Russian parliamentarian, the Ukrainians shouted, stamped their feet and beat his fists on the table. In addition, some were ready to fight.

“Bordering on insanity hyperactivity”

Commenting on the incident, Balbec said that the co-chairs of the forum again gave him the word on the second day of the meeting.”Morning meeting chairmen acknowledged that yesterday was a misunderstanding and error on their part. <…> Thus justice is done, and the Ukrainian delegates conducted themselves like barbarians,” — he said RIA Novosti.

Head of the working group on international legal Affairs at the permanent mission of the Crimea under the President Alexander Moloch explained the reaction of the Ukrainian representatives to the upcoming summit in the Normandy format.”Bordering on insanity hyperactivity of some representatives of the Ukrainian delegation associated with attempts of the radical nationalists all costs to complicate the dialogue between the presidents of the two countries,” he suggested.
According to Malkova, such behavior is equal to or later lead to the fact that Ukraine will be behind the civilized European policies.The Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya has expressed regret that Kiev representatives demonstrated a lack of home for diplomats qualities of restraint and culture.”So I was horrified to look at the calls by some “patriots” of Ukraine to return the country’s nuclear weapons,” she wrote in “Vkontakte”.In addition, the Deputy Mikhail Sheremet said that the behavior of the Ukrainian delegates undermines the credibility of the UN. According to policy, organizations should develop sanctions against delegations, showing disrespect to colleagues.

“Maidana methods”

Senator Sergei Tsekov also noted that the incident perfectly characterizes the political elite of Ukraine.
“Street techniques, methods, areal, methods Maidan. They carry them to and inside the political life of Ukraine and foreign policy”, — quotes the TV channel “360”.The MP said that representatives of Kyiv it is necessary to warn about the standards of behavior in the UN.”If they continue this further, they really need to exclude from the process until they learn to behave normally,” he concluded.The head of the Ukrainian community of Crimea Anastasia Gridchina, in turn, called such behavior dishonorable.”I hope that they will draw conclusions from his behavior and will no longer disgrace his country at such a representative international court”, — she told RIA Novosti.
Gridchina also said that the next day the Ukrainian delegation repeatedly tried to prevent the speech of Balbec.”He had to act under the noise of the plates of the Ukrainian delegation. The representatives of Ukraine ignored the request of the Chairman of the forum to stop such behavior,” she said.This whole Gridchina later was deprived of speech for the forum on minority issues, organised under the aegis of the UN Council on human rights. In comments to RIA Novosti she promised not to leave the incident without explanation.

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