Russia, Syria and impeachment trump. The Democrats held another debate

The debate was attended by 12 people

Россия, Сирия и импичмент Трампа. Демократы провели очередные теледебаты

© AP Photo/John MinchilloНЬЮ YORK, October 16. /TASS/. Policy towards Russia, the situation in Syria, the process of impeachment initiated in the House of representatives against the President of Donald trump became the Central themes of the fourth national televised debate of candidates for the post of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party on elections of 2020. They were held on Tuesday at the University of Otterbein in Ohio. Broadcast of the debate was moderated by CNN.
For the first time in since the beginning of this election race, on a scene there was a record number of participants – 12. This ex-Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, Senator from new Jersey Cory Booker, Senator from California Kamala Harris, Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, a former member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from Texas, Beto O’rourke, mayor of the city of South bend (Indiana), Pete Buttigieg, former Minister of housing and urban development United States Julian Castro, the businessman Andrew young, a member of the house of representatives from the state of Hawaii, Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi and billionaire, Tom Stayer.

For the Stayer, an ardent critic of the policies of President Donald trump, the current debates have become a national premiere, as the previous debate he didn’t participate without completing one of the requirements of the National Committee of the US Democratic party – to achieve the results of the four surveys of the level of support for potential voters to 2%.

Another feature of debates is that for the first time since the start of the campaign on stage was not a clear leader: in recent polls, Joe Biden, previously considered the undisputed favorite, and the Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren enjoy roughly equal support of potential voters.

Slim anti-Russian choir

When discussing the question of policy towards Russia, all the participants presented a United front and calling for a hard line against Moscow. Senator Cory Booker speaking about the need to confront Russia, in a polemical fervor accused Donald trump in the fact that in foreign policy, he “threw in a bunch of garbage” American interests. The U.S. “cannot allow the Russians to strengthen its position in the world,” he said, adding that trump supposedly pays more attention to Russia than with its traditional allies of the United States.
To hardness in relations with Moscow and has called a former member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from Texas, Beto O’rourke. In his opinion, the US needs to take measures to ensure that “to make Russia responsible for its attempts to undermine the world’s greatest democracy.” He called for restoration of relations with US allies, and stressed the role of diplomacy in strengthening the US position in the world. He was supported by billionaire, Tom Stayer, noting that the US “cannot act alone, without the support of our traditional allies.” The most harsh comments of the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, saying that “in terms of morality, does not intend to equate the US and Russia.” She accused Russia “is not just meddling in American elections, and in the invasion of them” and called for the adoption of special legislation on the protection of the U.S. elections from foreign interference.

Ex-Vice-the U.S. President Joe Biden has accused trump in carrying out “indiscriminate and irresponsible” foreign policy and warned that if re-elected trump for President of NATO’s existence is under threat, and U.S. security would be affected. “We’re in big trouble,” he said.

Shameful policy in Syria

Participants in the debate did not mince words when assessing U.S. policy in Syria. Joe Biden called the actions of the administration of the tramp, refused to support Kurds in Northern Syria”shameful.” “Our military should be ashamed, and Turkey needs to pay a high price for an operation in Syria,” he continued. The Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders expressed confidence that the trump, taking a decision on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, has undermined the us position in the world. “Tell me, which country in the world will trust the promises of the President of the United States?” he said.A member of the house of representatives from Hawaii Tulsi Ms. Gabbard stated that “the trump in the hands of the blood of the Kurds”, the mayor of the city of South bend (Indiana), Pete Buttigieg warned about the threat of revival of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and stated that as a result of the administration’s trump “the situation in the world is becoming more dangerous,” and the Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren accused trump that he “destroys our alliances, and creates massive humanitarian problems.” She acknowledged the necessity of the withdrawal of American troops from certain areas in Syria, but stressed that “we must look for reasonable solutions” for emerging problems.

Corruption and impeachment

These two words are often used by the applicants, referring to her political rival – the President of Donald trump. According to Joe Biden, the Democrats have “no choice but to tuck trump’s impeachment.” He called the current head of the White house “the most corrupt in history.” “His crimes are visible to everyone”, – said the Senator from California Kamala Harris, calling trump “corrupt and having no sense of patriotism.”

Billionaire, Tom Stayer has called “to put trump’s impeachment for all his actions”, and mayor Pete Buttigieg said that participating in the election race just to “be President, able to do away finally with the presidency of the trump.” Softer all said the businessman, Andrew young, called on the participants in the debate to cease to pay so much attention to Trump. “We need to offer the country a new future,” he said.

Ukrainian trail Biden

Very painful was for Joe Biden question about the work of his son hunter in Ukrainian company Burisma.
“If the relatives of the President it is inappropriate to work in foreign companies, why it was appropriate for your son when he was your Vice President?” – asked Biden leading. In response, Biden said he did not see any conflict of interests that he held the post of Vice-President. and his son was part of the Board of Ukrainian gas company. According to him, his son “didn’t commit anything wrong” and he “didn’t commit anything wrong”. “There was no conflict of interest,” he said, adding that “never discussed with his son questions. concerning the Ukraine”.

After that, he immediately went to the attack on trump. “I think it’s important for us to focus on the question of how to remove this person from that post which he now occupied”,- he stressed. Biden and then refrained to call trump by name, describing him as “this President.”

There are eight televised debates

After the current national debates of candidates for the post of the presidential candidate of the Democratic party will meet this year twice, in November and December and six times in the period from January to April of 2020. So, next, the fifth debate will be held on 20 November in the state of Georgia, however, the conditions for participation in them will be strengthened: the decision of the National Committee of Democratic party of the USA, the debate will be admitted only those applicants who, at the end of the four national polls to enlist the support of at least 3% of potential voters or will receive 5% of support according to the results of two surveys on the territory of individual States. In addition, applicants are required to collect donations in their election funds of at least 165 thousand potential voters.

According to the Internet portal of Elections Central to post information about the campaign, as long as these requirements are met, eight of the 12 participants in the just-concluded televised debate: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, Buttigieg, young and Stayer.

The name of the candidate from the US Democratic party in the election 2020 will be named at the national party Congress, which will take place on 13-16 July 2020 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).Source

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