Russia will pay pensions to labor migrants

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Paul casarin


Russia will pay pensions to labor migrants. It is provided by agreement between the countries of the Eurasian economic Union, which is now being prepared for signing.

According to the document the country in which the migrant worked and made contributions to the pension Fund, agrees to pay him a pension upon his return home. The experience obtained in the territory of different States-members of the Association, is summarized. This was said by the heads of state at the summit of the EAEC in Nur-Sultan at the end of may.

“We advocate that the Eurasian integration is gradually covered with new and new areas, including social and labor policies. And here I can not agree with the President of Kyrgyzstan is a very important field of activity. I note the preparation of the Eurasian Commission the agreement, which will allow for a pension to take account of experience over the entire period of labor activity on the territory of all States of the Union,” – said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader then stressed that for a simple man who worked all his life, it is very important.