Russian courtrooms disappear cells for the accused

Из российских залов суда исчезнут клетки для обвиняемых

Cells in Russian courtrooms plan to eliminate or replace with transparent fencing. This was announced on Friday, the Minister of justice of Russia Alexander Konovalov, reports “Interfax”.

Konovalov explained that the fence will do, plastic or glass that will not create security threats and will preserve the human dignity of the accused. Heads of the Ministry of justice also called “good” possibility of complete failure from the grid.

A draft law on refusal from the cells to courtrooms submitted to the state Duma in November of last year. The authors explained that it impedes the access of lawyers to their clients.

In April, the judge of the European court of human rights Dmitry Dedov said that the cells degrade the accused. Grandfathers said that the ECHR intends to seek changes in conditions of stay in Russian courtrooms.

The attorney General’s office the contents of the accused in the cells also called the wrong.