Russian fighter killed an American doctor over vaccination dispute and 4 more news you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina incident news events USA

 Russian soldier killed an American doctor vaccination controversy and 4 other news you may have missed

There was a massive shooting in Colorado, injuring 6 students. American investigators found the criminal 52 years later after a high-profile bank robbery. Walmart has released an ad for its third Black Friday sale. Read about this and other news today in the digest of magazineUSA.ONE :

Russian fighter killed a doctor over vaccination dispute

Also: Joe Biden signed the $ 1 trillion infrastructure law. Where will this money go?

Akmal Khozhiev confessed to the murder of an American doctor

 A Russian soldier killed an American doctor over a vaccination dispute and 4 more news you might have missed


A Russian MMA fighter has been arrested in the United States and is accused of the murder of physician Miran Ribati in Guam. 27-year-old Akmal Khozhiev has already testified and confessed to the crime. A dispute between a physician and an athlete erupted over the coronavirus vaccine. It is known that Khozhiev is a fierce opponent of mass vaccination. The verbal skirmish quickly escalated into a fight, during which Akmal attacked Miran, strangled him and stabbed him in the throat, first with an animal bone, and then with a knife.

At the time of the arrest, the soldier was next to the body of the killed. He confessed to the police that he was to blame for the death of Ribati. According to Khozhiev's colleagues, recently he had mental problems, and there were also outbreaks of uncontrolled aggression. Previously, Akmal was kicked out of gyms after he began to threaten staff and visitors. The Russian fighter had 4 professional mixed martial arts fights, winning 3 of them. He is currently in custody. The court has appointed a million dollar bail for his release.

Mass shooting occurred near a school in Colorado

 Russian soldier killed an American doctor over vaccination dispute and 4 more news you might have missed


Arrived On a call to a park near Central High School in Aurora, Colorado, police found 6 injured students, ages 14 to 17. 5 of them were taken to the hospital. The suspect who opened fire near the school has not yet been found. This is not the first mass shooting in Colorado.

In 1999, two teenagers shot and killed a teacher and 12 students at Columbine High School. In 2012, an armed man broke into a cinema in Aurora, killing 12 visitors. He is currently serving a life sentence in a prison with no parole. In March 2021, 10 people, including a police officer, were killed in a grocery store near Denver when a man entered and started shooting.

According to the Washington Post, in 2018, there were 29 cases of mass shootings in American schools, in 2019 – 27. The most fatalities were in Parkland, Florida, when a schoolboy shot and killed 17 people. A total of 256,000 students have experienced gun violence in the United States since the Columbine shooting. Among them are not only victims, but also witnesses who were forced to leave the walls of educational institutions in which fire was opened.

The clerk who robbed the bank was found 52 years later

 A Russian soldier killed an American doctor over a vaccination dispute and 4 more news you might have missed


52 years ago in the United States there was one of the most high-profile bank robberies. Ted Konrad, who worked as a cashier at the Society National Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, stole $ 215,000 from his employer in 1969, or 1.7 million at the current rate. After the robbery, the clerk disappeared without a trace and led a quiet, modest life, not littering with money.

He bragged to his friends how easy it was to rob a bank. Ted said that if you took out the money on Friday, it would not be discovered until two days later. In preparation for the robbery, he revisited the 1968 film & # 34; The Thomas Crown Affair & # 34; dozens of times, which he inspired. As he intended, 20-year-old Konrad put the money in a brown bag on the evening of Friday, July 11, 1969, when his boss was scheduled for surgery and was away from work.

Since then, the robber has been wanted for over 50 years, and the Cleveland robbery has been featured on TV shows such as & # 34; Untold Secrets & # 34; and & # 34; America's Most Wanted & # 34 ;. It is known that Ted fled to Washington, and from there to Los Angeles and constantly moved. In 1970, he settled in the Boston suburb of Lynnfield under the name Thomas Randall. In 1982, the criminal got married and had a daughter. For the past 40 years, he has worked in a used car dealership and played golf.

For years, FBI agents have been keeping an eye on Russell Metcalfe, Konrad's best friend. They believed that if he got in touch with anyone, it would be with him, but this did not happen. Investigators couldn't catch Ted, 52, until they saw an obituary in the newspaper. Comparing documents that the man had filed in the 1960s with recent papers and his signatures, they concluded that the deceased was none other than a wanted robber. Interestingly, in 2014, Thomas Randall was declared bankrupt by a Boston court.

Joe Biden Signs Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Act

 Russian soldier killed American doctor over vaccination dispute and 4 more news you might have missed

photo: Reddit

Yesterday, November 15, the President of the United States signed a trillion-dollar package that will repair bridges and roads, improve rail links, and expand Internet and public transportation services. The signing ceremony took place outside the White House and was watched by parliamentarians, city mayors and state governors. Democrats and Republicans have finally come together to achieve real results.

Under the Infrastructure Bill, $ 110 billion will go to fund bridges, roads and major construction projects; 39 billion will be allocated to improve public transport, as well as increase its accessibility to the elderly and disabled; 50 billion will be spent on improving infrastructure against climate destructive actions and cyberattacks; another 55 – to replace old lead pipes, which are still used in some drinking water systems in the country; and 65 for developing broadband infrastructure.

The law also provides for $ 21 billion to eliminate groundwater and soil pollution, create new jobs in energy companies, and address environmental and economic issues. It is reported that another 73 billion will go to the renewal and expansion of the power system. The Republicans who voted in favor of the Biden bill have already received criticism. Some are even threatened with death.

Walmart has announced another Black Friday sale

 A Russian soldier killed an American doctor over a vaccination dispute and 4 more news you might have missed


Large The sale from retail giant Walmart will begin at 7pm ET on Nov.22. At the same time, members of the Walmart + program will have access to discounts 4 hours earlier. For example, the hard-to-find PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles, which are priced at $ 499 and will drop to $ 299 on sale day.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart stores will be closed for the second time since the end of Thanksgiving. 1980s. All transactions will be conducted online starting at 3 pm Nov.22 for Walmart + members. Costing $ 98 per year (or $ 12.95 per month), this program includes free shipping and shipping with no minimum order. However, users of the free trial Walmart + will not have early access to discounts.