Russian gymnasts won all the individual gold at the world Cup

PHOTO : Tatiana Valko/TASS


The third stage of the world Cup in rhythmic gymnastics has once again proved the strength of the Russian team, which account for all the gold in the individual competition. About this time the distinguished sports commentator of TV channel “MIR 24” Dmitry Kalugin.

Two Russian girls have divided all personal gold medals. In exercises with a Hoop, clubs and ball was not equal to Alexandra Soldatova and Anastasia Guzenkova was the best in the exercise with ribbon.

Even in the absence of the main leaders of the national team of the sisters Arina and Dina of Avarijnyh the Russians were again the strongest. And even once this season on the stages of the planet Cup women Russia not inferior to that of winning the round. Pesaro defeated Dina Averina, and in Sofia in Tashkent – Aleksandra Soldatova. However, competition in the national team is so great that even such a brilliant result became Soldatova pass into the main team for the European championship, which will be held in Baku from 16 to 19 may. Alexandra will go there only replacement.

Sasha’s parents made it into a section of rhythmic gymnastics when she was five years old. And in 12 athlete drew the attention of the coach of the national team of Russia Anna Shumilova.

Very soon Soldatova brought to the club’s Junior world championship two gold medals in the all-around and team competition. And then came the victory at senior level. Soldatova four – time world champion and two-time European champion. Day stars of this caliber are painted literally every minute, so for a hobby is almost no time left, but Soldatova loves animals, and at the end of a career does not exclude the possibility to become a veterinarian.

In addition, Soldatova is one of the most beautiful women in the world with a huge army of fans. They not only closely follow the progress of athletes, but also give her gifts. Sometimes very unusual. For example, one of the famous producers dedicated gymnast music video.