Russian MP called the residents of the Russian Federation “terpenoids” (VIDEO)

Российский депутат назвал жителей РФ «терпилоидами» (ВИДЕО)

The network starts to gain popularity the hard speech of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Maxim Reznik on pension reform, which will force the Russians to work to 63 and 65 years.

In it, he accused the authorities of Russia in “futbol anesthesia” for the population and in creating a generation of “terpenoids” that is willing unquestioningly to accept any bullying. Video of his speech published by the user Alex white on Twitter.

“This is not reform, this is robbery and violence of millions of Russians, which is carried out under anesthesia… the football power with the help of television propaganda creates such a category of the population, and are always ready to justify. New growth is terpenoidy, who all agree,” indignantly spoke Resnick.

He added that a key role in the formation of a submissive crowd playing the Kremlin’s propagandists, Vladimir Solovyov and Dmitry Kiselyov, after their programs, the number of people fully trusting any initiatives and actions of the authorities, is growing rapidly.

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