Russian Nefertiti: clearing the way Senator Valentina Petrenko

Usually we are discussing the wardrobe of women politicians and first lady, but today we will talk about hair eclipsing any outfits. The most famous hairstyle of the Russian politicians, the owner of which is a member of the Federation Council of Khakassia Valentina Petrenko.

Valentina Petrenko

Business card

Whatever the image of Valentina Alexandrovna and how would he devoted to Internet memes, the fact remains: that hairstyle has become the “hallmark” Petrenko, thanks to her policies, was remembered by many Russians. Suffice it to say that for request “Valentina Petrenko” search engines give basically materials about hairstyle for the Senator, and the article about Petrenko Wikipedia hairstyle focus of a separate paragraph.

Few people know, for example, that in December 1993, Petrenko was one of those who negotiated with terrorists who had seized a group of children in Rostov-on-don and demanded a ransom (in the end, the demands of criminals partially fulfilled, they provided a helicopter, which they tried to fly to Dagestan, but was delayed).

The evolution of hairstyles

In the Federation Council Ms. Petrenko is from 2001, but the focus of the public resides approximately from the end of the century when appeared the famous hairstyle.

Yes, so extravagant Petrenko looked not always. If you look at the earlier photo of our heroine, it is seen that in the past she mostly just did my hair, and only in the last few years, her image is among the public sea issues (the most popular of which was “Wig or no?”).

But it looked like Valentina in my youth, we to find out and failed, so what about the early experiments of our heroine’s image we can only guess.

Boring questions

Politician admits, already tired of the questions from the press about her hair. She is nothing special in the way he sees

I just have curly hair, lift up a few studs, all

he said in an interview.

As a Senator, the hair she always laid without the help of stylists and hairdressers. As you can see, the hair, according to its Creator, not the wig. Unusual kind of politician explains that high position obliges her to calm the hair tends to curl.

The question of how much time is spent on creating a sensational image, Valentina Alexandrovna also get asked all the time:

I’m so tired of this issue. I get up early at 6 am, sometimes earlier. I’m leaving at 7 am, sometimes 7:30. This is including Breakfast and cooking. What is the secret of how much each spends to wash, to gather?

The darling of the Internet

Who’s really enthusiastic about hairstyles Valentina Petrenko, is, of course, the creators of “fotozhab”: who else’s image so inspiring people to creativity?

Photoshop wizard put the policy in the image of Elvis Presley, set up on her hair a variety of subjects. In General, it is better to see with your own eyes.

And even angelina Jolie got…

The interest of the Western press

The appearance of Valentina Petrenko recently suddenly interested and Western bloggers, and with them, and the media — they have already devoted many articles. The Senator quickly became a real star. In early March about the hair Petrenko wrote the Daily Mail, Mashable, The Cut, the New York Post and a number of publications. Materials left under headings: “the Russian Senator Hair — amazing secret”, “From hair Russian policy, it is impossible to look away” and stuff like that.

It has something from “James bond” villains. This cool look. The impeccable style. The Soviet past. Only instead of holding a fluffy white cat on her lap, she wears brown on the head, spoke about Petrenko columnist for Newsweek.

“Pozhamkat her hair”

Among those who conquered the hairstyle of Valentina Alexandrovna, and celebrities have. So, the writer and TV presenter Tatyana Tolstaya tells why he decided to invite Petrenko as a guest in the program “School for scandal”:

I was absolutely not interested, as Senator Petrenko leads the country and inhabiting its peoples from his high post and direct it at all… No, I was driven by the most obscene and dark desires. I wanted to lay both hands on the head of the Senator Petrenko and polcat her hair. And what’s her hair — you know.

Of course, such a broadcast would program crazy ratings, but, fortunately or unfortunately, Fat has kept its rush:

Don’t know how I stood it an hour. How not rushed and not gripping. And after recording, too. Gave the Senator to leave. I do not know. Only willpower. She’s the only one. But the tension is unbearable. Now told, and relieved a little bit.

This unique

Interestingly, in the Internet there are many sites giving advice on how to do my hair “like Petrenko”. In particular, suggest “each curl backcomb from the roots”, to use a varnish strong fixation, and then stab curls invisible, “giving hair shape square”. However, as we think, even with a gallon of lacquer strong hold and a ton of studs to repeat the image of Valentina Alexandrovna would be quite difficult, so it is original.

Sergey Maneshin and Valentina Petrenko

Anastasia Bulgakova and Valentina Petrenko

Review stylist

In preparing this material, SPLETNIK.RU got in touch with the stylist who had a chance to touch the beautiful, and who revealed to us the secret of hairstyles Petrenko.

I have been working as a stylist at one of the channels. That in the air come Valentine Petrenko and I will need to brush and paint, I found out the day before shooting. Worried, of course, googled her photos and wondering if I will be able to repeat all this beauty. In the dressing room Mrs. Steele came in full dress: the famous design was in place, and bright makeup on her. I just had to powder it before air. Almost all the female half of edition sneak came running to see her. Valentina was nice in communication, agreed to make a joint selfie. What can I say about her famous hairstyle? As I understand it, this is the finished design, which Mrs. Petrenko wears as a hat, releasing it from under your own curls. It is fixed on the head with nail Polish, of hairpins. About the weight of the wig or hairpiece can’t say exactly,

— told a source.

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