Russian schools cling to life

Русские школы цепляются за жизнь

Photo: Kiev gymnasium of a name of Pushkin, which still remained the education in the Russian languageAccording to the Ministry of education of Ukraine and the Institute of educational analysts, in 2018, 7% of schools in the country – 622 schools – the lessons were in Russian only. Thus, 277512 of children who have never studied Ukrainian. And now they are suddenly transferred to another language of instruction.

But the statement se-education Minister that in 2020, all schools in Ukraine will be forcibly transferred to “ukrainoznavstvo”, apparently, will not be fully implemented. The reason is simple – Russian-speaking Ukraine still wants to educate their children in Russian, and the state declaring its linguocide the essence, but also the remaining half is in Russian, is unable to provide the rapid Ukrainization of education.

Confirmation of this was the fact that the scandals with parents who do not want to Ukrainize the education of their children and inability of the administrations in practice to comply with the Directive “ministeri”.

“While we have more questions than answers. This year, for example, we recruited two classes with instruction in Ukrainian language and two in Russian. How will next year, I don’t know. Of course, we will fulfill all orders of Ministry. But, for example, what do the students who are already enrolled in the Russian language? They go directly to the Ukrainian or to continue their studies under the old program? Also will need new textbooks,” – says the Director of the Kharkov school № 58 Alexander Osipenko.

In the Kiev school. A. Pushkin, where the order is prepared the transition to the Ukrainian language, Director Elena Batalova, I’m sure, despite the pressure, the Russian classes in the elementary school will remain.

“The law says that 2020 will begin a gradual transition into the Ukrainian language, and it will last three years. And already in 2023, with 5-th grade teaching should be in the Ukrainian language. But in elementary school Russian classes will remain. That spring, my parents will start to apply in grade 1, and we will look at their request. Can be class 2 Russian and 2 Ukrainian 1 Russian 2 Ukrainian, or Vice versa,” says Batalova. However, the Director doesn’t understand how it will be taught from 2023 in high school. “We don’t know yet: children who studied in Russian class in elementary school, the 5th grade will have all the subjects to teach in the Ukrainian language? Or transition again will be gradual,” says Elena Batalova.

“Every year, we received 135 applications in the 1st class. We have classes with Ukrainian language of instruction and classes with the Russian language. And I ask parents: “And what kind of results you want to see at the end of training?”. I usually respond: “for them To know Russian and Ukrainian languages, read Russian and Ukrainian works to be able to communicate in two languages,” explains correspondent Ukrainian Director of the school named after Pushkin. By the way, the journalists came to write an article about how ekraniziruetsya this school, and faced, on the one hand, with the desire of parents – they want their children fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. On the other – the gymnasium of a name of Pushkin occupies the 34th place on the results of the external evaluation, study here the children of foreign diplomats, it will not completely destroy Russian education. Another thing – province to Kiev to put pressure on local officials and defenseless teachers.

Today, according to the Ukrainian MoE, most of the schools, which has preserved the teaching of the Russian language, located on the East and South of the country. So, in the Kharkiv and Odessa regions work 107 such establishments in the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk – 100, and the Zaporizhia – 81. No Russian school is no longer in Vinnytsia, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Poltava, Chernihiv, Sumy, Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv regions.

In areas of the Southeast, where household russkoyazychnye is the natural state of Affairs, there are scandals among Russian-speaking parents and svidomo Ukrainian asset.

Continues to discuss the fate of the school No. 16, Kropiwnicki, where the administration went on to complete the transition to the Ukrainian language only at the request of the parents monyukov the same class. The last appeal to the nationalists, wrote in the complaint, including the school administration.

The school claim that the Russian language is taught as the language of national minorities. “We have a lot of Russian families, we had something for them to do,” said the head teacher of the school Lily Selyuk.

Similar situations arise in schools of Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. Parents who agree on the teaching of subjects in the Ukrainian language, still declare the necessity of preserving the Russian language as a subject for social adaptation of children, living in the Russian-speaking world, communicate in social networks and messengers in Russian, listening to Russian music, read Russian books.

Another issue which is ignored in the Ministry, the fate of hundreds of teachers of the Russian language, which are unlikely to all move to teach the Ukrainian language. Their burden on the already reduced, and now the prospect of unemployment.

Ministry officials while yulish, stating that, according to the requirements of the Venice Commission, the Russian language as “the language of indigenous peoples” and ethnic minorities in Ukrainian schools will remain. However, immediately notice that Russian does not live compactly, as the Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians or poles. The policy of extermination of the Russian language, taken Poroshenko, now is Zelensky and “public servants”. Question – what people?

Anna Novosad, 29-year-old Minister of education and science, do not have pedagogical education. As a scholar of the Soros Foundation, she studied at Maastricht University, and then participated in the Ukrainian-canadian parliamentary programme and trained in Western NGOs. The school has not worked a single day.

Русские школы цепляются за жизнь

The Minister of education and science of Ukraine Anna Novosad, photos “TCH”the Girl quickly moved the team Groisman – Poroshenko in the elections of 2019 got a place through passage in the list of party Zelensky “servant of the people” and it was immediately transplanted into the chair of Minister of education and science. Literacy tell her jokes – even in a short post on “Facebook” it makes a lot of mistakes.

Русские школы цепляются за жизнь

The post Anna Novosad errors, photo: “Facts”

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