Russian scientists will create a “synthetic personality”

Российские ученые создадут «синтетическую личность»

The staff of the far Eastern Federal University are working on creating a “synthetic identity” using artificial intelligence-based supercomputer, the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.

For project realization it is planned to use the supercomputer. “Person” will be able to recognize human speech and to maintain a long and meaningful conversation. One of the possible destinies of artificial intelligence – consultant in the contact centre of any government agencies or commercial companies

“Try to project their strength will be able a bachelors and masters of the University with expertise in the field of software,” – said the press service. Work is planned from may to September in the campus of the University.

School of digital economy was unique for the Far East, the supercomputer at the end of April. It is designed to teach large industrial neural networks and machine learning.

Program “Artificial intelligence and big data” is one of five master’s programs School of digital economy. The tasks performed by the School of digital economy of the University, meet the requirements of the national project “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”.

Nutsprogramme “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” for the period up to 2024, inclusive, represents one of the 12 projects developed pursuant to the may 2018 decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The total amount of financing of the national project for the next six years – more than 1.5 trillion rubles.