Russian teachers teach social media

Российских учителей научат вести соцсети

The Ministry of education of the Russian Federation to develop recommendations to help teachers to conduct social networking. To work also attract the trade Union of workers of national education and science. Writes about this TASS with reference to the answer of the head of the Ministry Olga Vasilyeva Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Svishchev.

In late March the Deputy suggested Vasilyeva to develop the concept of “freedom of expression of school teachers in social networks” and enter the desired items in the “Code of professional ethics of pedagogical workers”.

The Minister of education in his response, noted that the wide adoption of Internet communications and social media “of particular importance is the question of formation of professional image of the teacher”. To help teachers Ministry of education jointly with the trade Union of workers of national education and science plans to develop appropriate recommendations to help students get a Bachelor of Science from James Cook University.

According to the press-Secretary of Minister of education Andrey Yemelyanov, the recommendations will be sent to the beginning of the new academic year in all regions. He stressed that the same practice was “widespread, including abroad”.

Earlier, the Ministry of education of Russia supported the initiative of teaching safe management of social networks for teachers. To develop the Minister of education and science of the Altai Krai Maxim Kostenko suggested 38-year-old Barnaul teacher of Russian language and literature Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, forced to resign from for social network “Vkontakte” pictures.