Russian tourists on vacation have less to save

Российские туристы в отпуске стали меньше экономить

Russians began to spend more money on holiday compared to last year. Found it online service travel OneTwoTrip, according to “”.

According to the survey, only 40 percent of Russians leave travel less money than planned. In 2018 there was 72 percent.

In addition, 27 percent of respondents admitted that descend on vacation “every penny”, and 32 percent allow yourself to go beyond the planned amount.

Experts also found that traveling Russians often save on Souvenirs, food and excursions.

The specialists of the service for searching airtickets made a rating of countries that are least likely to choose to stay Russians with children. So, at the end of may had not recorded any sales of tickets for the summer from Russia to Brazil, Colombia, Luxembourg, Canada and New Zealand. In Asia, rare to find Russians with children in Myanmar, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Nepal and Brunei, on the African continent – in Zimbabwe, the Gambia, Namibia, Mauritania, Mozambique, southern Sudan and Botswana. In Latin America, Russians with children not interested in also Venezuela, Haiti, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Uruguay, and Europe – North Macedonia and Slovakia. Guests with children are not in a hurry to buy summer tickets in Australia.