Russian “Triumph” wiped his nose over Ankara, the American F-16

Российские «Триумфы» утёрли нос над Анкарой американским F-16

Recent testing of the radar units of the Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes (AAMS) s-400 “Triumph” in Turkey caused a wave of indignation in Washington. Turkish experts check the functioning of the relationship between air defense systems and aircraft, utilizing including the F-16. American fighters in the skies above Ankara, November 25-26, conventional steel targets purchased by Turkey-400.

Military observer of the weekly “Zvezda” Alexander Artamonov yesterday, December 19, explained the reason for the indignation of the Americans. The fact that the training battle With 400 spotted all targets.

“It’s like that, sorry, bare heels on his sword to climb. Naturally, he left no goals. He spotted (relative goal) for 600 km, on the approach already 450-500 km of the race he was confronted,” — said the expert.Testing s-400 were conducted in the suburbs of Ankara. Later in the Internet appeared the video of combat training. Placed on the frames, the fighters were flying at low altitude. At this time, they monitored the radars of the s-400.According to foreign military sources, the Russian radar complex found the F-16 as soon as the fighter of the American production crossed the border of the coverage area of the radar 600 kilometers. The test results provided to the Ministry of defence and the General staff of the Turkish armed forces a great impression. The army of the country-member of NATO has remained fairly the fact that s-400 was able to produce a missile launch before the object comes into the affected area of the complex. Russian “Triumph” is calculated while the approach of working ahead of the curve, and when the target enters the kill zone, it actually becomes a “living corpse”.

The results of testing s-400 in the F-16 was reported to the political leadership of Turkey. This is largely due to the principled position of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has continued to dramatically decline harassment of the Pentagon and the White house, demanding that Ankara had deployed on Turkish territory batteries and radar of s-400.

Another reason for US to be indignant from-for made by the Turkish partner of choice in favor of the s-400 is not credible, to put it mildly, the results of the military engagement of the American “counterpart” of the Russian “Triumph”. Talking about the much-vaunted Americans and anti-aircraft missile system Patriot. In mid-September, it showed itself in a very bad light, when the oil installations of Saudi Arabia struck a “swarm” of drones and cruise missiles launched by the Yemeni Houthi rebels. 14 Sep objectives achieved almost all the drones kamikaze. The largest Arab monarchy, which with the United States have very close military-political ties and enormous in terms of value of weapons contracts, are unable to defend themselves based on “umbrella” in the form of American air defense systems-missile defense. And now the Americans will desire to be offended that the Turkish NATO ally preferred the Russian “Triumph”, not a failed combat mission, and “Patriots”.

As reported by Colossal, Turkish F-16 fighter jets carried out on 25 and 26 November test flights over the country’s capital to experience the previously acquired Russian s-400. This happened against the backdrop of ongoing U.S. efforts to dissuade Turkey from putting on combat duty at the Russian defence systems.

Earlier, a senior US state Department told reporters that Turkey needs to “get rid” of Russian air defense system. These comments came after the Turkish President Erdogan met with his American counterpart Donald trump on 13 November at the White house.Washington had previously removed the Turkey from participation in the program of creation of the latest fifth generation fighter F-35, in which Ankara is both one of the producers and buyers of multi-role fighters, as measures of influence on ally. The US and its European allies fear that the radar on the s-400 can detect and track the F-35 that will make them less secretive Russian systems in the future.

Recall, the Ministry of defence of Turkey, on 25 July announced the completion of the first stage of the deliveries of components of s-400 in the country. In the first phase of execution of the contract between Russia and Turkey at the air base “Myurted” near Ankara landed 30 aircraft. The first deliveries of s-400 to Turkey began on July 12. The second stage of deliveries of Russian air defense system Turkish partners started August 27 and ended on September 14. S-400 will be fully deployed in Turkey by April 2020.

Russia and Turkey signed an agreement to supply Ankara s-400 “Triumph” in 2017. Turkey acquires four divisions of s-400, the contract amount is $ 2.5 billion.

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