Russians named the main causes of their disease

Россияне назвали основные причины своих болезней

Work, stress, and lack of money for medicines and prevention of Russians believe the main causes of their diseases. This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM).

Do not complain about their health, according to the survey, 32% of the fellow. 53% of respondents said their condition is satisfactory. The poor health complained 15%.

Work and stress caused diseases in 33% of the respondents. Due to the lack of money for medicines and prevention health has deteriorated in 28%. One in four (25%) the cause of the disease sees the age and lack of rest. 18% of respondents in his ill health blamed the environment. Note that the proportion thereof compared to 2017 (32%) decreased significantly.

Four years ago 46% of respondents prefer to contact the public free clinic. Self engaged one-third of Russians (33%) is 5 percentage points less than in 2015. In paid clinic treats every sixth (15%). Ignore the experts, or seek salvation from healers only 4% and 1% of respondents respectively.

By the way, earlier it was reported how stress destroys the immune system. The exact mechanism of this process until now was not well understood. University staff name Bar-Ilan (Israel) conducted a special study and established a certain pattern. Stress caused a change in the intestinal bacteria, which, in turn, stimulated the activity of immune cells, and they often start to attack healthy body tissues.