Russians will be able to obtain financial services from banks remotely

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Alan Kaziev

New from the Bank of Russia. The regulator introduces new remote identification of customers using their biometric data. Took part in the program 132 of the Bank, reports “WORLD 24”.

To submit biometric data – photo and voice recording – at one of the authorized offices. Here the client has registered in the Unified system of identification. The whole procedure takes no more than 5-7 minutes. Then contact the Bank with any smartphone, pre-installing the app. The creators guarantee the security and protection of customer data.

“We have a few guidelines and requirements for the protection of information and identification. We have two different databases: ESIA stored personal data, and the EBS is stored only biometric that have nothing to do with the personal data directly. It is an impersonal form. If you have any fraudulent or dishonest situation, neither the photo nor the voice of any valuable information to the attacker will not give” – said acting Director of financial technologies Department of the Bank of Russia Ivan Zimin.

Until customers open accounts or deposits, make loans or make transfers. The procedure is free. A new service of the Bank of Russia will greatly facilitate the lives of older people and the disabled.

We will add that to use the system clock can be anywhere in the world.