Ryaboshapka complained about the lack of credibility of the Prosecutor’s office

Рябошапка пожаловался на низкое доверие к прокуратуре

The prosecution needs to go through the evolution in which they will be able to withstand the most influential people in Ukraine. In an interview with KyivPost said the public Prosecutor Ruslan riaboshapka.

Ryaboshapka urged not to expect “miracles” or accusations against the wealthy and powerful people. According to the chief of the GPU, to investigate the most resonant cases we need the political will and ability to punish most influential people.

“Sometimes the state is unable enough to punish such persons. They control the economy and media. They can effectively oppose the government. We increase your potential, but know that the level of confidence in the prosecution service is very low,” said riaboshapka.

Also the public Prosecutor considers that the prosecution must go through the evolutionary path to be able to directly counter most powerful people in the country.

“We need some way to build their capacity to become stronger and stronger, and then encourage these people to respect the law,” said riaboshapka.

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