Ryaboshapka said about the mass layoffs in the GPU

Рябошапка рассказал о массовых увольнениях в ГПУ

The GPU has already conducted two rounds of retesting prosecutors

In the framework of the reform of the Prosecutor’s office will be dismissed, hundreds of prosecutors, but also eliminated the military Prosecutor’s office.

In the framework of Raimi Prosecutor’s office in the Central Office of the public Prosecutor has reduced about a thousand prosecutors. On Wednesday, 27 November, said the head of the GPU Ruslan riaboshapka.According to him, generally at the beginning of the reform was 216 prosecutors, and almost 15 thousand employees of the Prosecutor’s office, of which slightly more than 11 thousand staff members of the prosecutors.

“The overall figure of how the certification: 1339 prosecutors at the start of the evaluation, 769 – admitted to the last stage. In the total figure, which is today: 2400 headcount of the GPU. And we get on average 1,500 employees of the office of the Prosecutor, from 1 January next year. That is, approximately a thousand workers – a reduction only in the Central office of the Prosecutor General,” said riaboshapka.

According to him, the next stage of the attestation of prosecutors will begin next week.

“Was held for testing the knowledge of the legislation, which passed this test 795 public prosecutors. It is about 65 percent of the total number of prosecutors of the PGO. Then there was the testing of General abilities and skills. During this test a small amount – about 20 prosecutors it did not pass. The figure for today – 769 prosecutors 1100. Those who are admitted to the final stage – interviews and testing for dobrochesnosti” – said riaboshapka.

The head of the GPU noted that the NABOO and the SBU has already sent the profile for each attorney.

“We have already received two letters from NABOO is about 400 materials related to analyses of conflicts of interest, state prosecutors, who will be admitted to the next stage of certification”, – said the Prosecutor General.

Also Ryaboshapka said that the greatest problem in reforming the prosecution will call the introduction of electronic criminal proceedings.

According to him, the system will work in full only after a year.
“Until December 2020, I hope it will be introduced the system of electronic criminal proceedings. It will cover all the criminal justice system and not just anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office or infrastructure. The biggest problem for us will be apparent that the system of e-justice, as it would require very many products information in many organs. Given the size of our country – it really is one of the key challenges,” he said.

Also Ryaboshapka spoke about the elimination of the military Prosecutor’s office.

“Regarding the reform of the military Prosecutor’s office. As of today, approximately 1,000 employees of the Main military Prosecutor’s office. Assume that the Central office will have about 80. And in Ukraine as a whole – no more than 300. The same situation with the load, were analyzed. About half of all criminal proceedings, roughly speaking, “AWOL”. That is, crimes that are not particularly complex investigation. More than 30% of cases that associated with corruption, bribery, illegal receipt of benefits, as well as crimes related to the theft. That is, obviously, no specificity in this and it makes no sense to leave such a large number of investigators and prosecutors,” – said the head of the GPU.

Recall, September 25, entered into force the law on reform of the GPU. The law has a provision on the increase of salaries of prosecutors in the amount of 15 minimum, and recertification of Agency staff, in addition to a Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.

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