Ryan Gosling, Jane Fonda… in the heart of the matter Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood begins its examination of conscience






After several days of near-silence, all of Hollywood is rushing now to deliver his comment about Harvey Weinstein.

A situation that has two immediate effects : to make the silence of those who are silent deafening and problematic, while saturating the networks and media messages that are compassionate, some point already hypocrisy.

Indeed, one cannot deny that a part of the reactions that are released after the avalanche of evidence overwhelming for the producer Harvey Weinstein, seems to have intended to release as a part of their transmitters, which repeat like a mantra that they knew nothing. But it is noted that some artists have shown a form of honest criticism welcome so that the secret about a form of male dominance dating back to medieval times.


Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049


This is the case of Ryan Gosling, who more than his support for the victims and to all those who take today the word, takes care to specify how much of his attitude is problematic.

“I want to give my support to women who have had the courage to speak out against Harvey. Like most in Hollywood, I worked with him and I am deeply disappointed in the showing of negligence as to these facts of sexual harassment and abuse.

It is symptomatic of a systemic problem. The men are expected to stand alongside women, states until the situation changes, and that each is held responsible for his actions. “


Jane Fonda


More interestingly, and symbolically very strong : Jane Fonda, icon of sexual liberation in american, political commitment intrinsically linked to civil rights, to women and to the fight against the Vietnam war, has made it known that she too had participated in this cope of lead, which was rendered inaudible to many victims.

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Interviewed by CNN on this topic, she has held very strong.

“I learned to Harvey there about a year, and I’m ashamed not to have taken the word then. “

When a reporter asked her why this silence, while it has in the past shown great boldness, she answered, sorry but honest.

“I have not been so bold. Because it doesn’t happen to me to me, and I thought I was not legitimate. One of the women who spoke, Rosanna Arquette, told me what had happened to him, it was a shock and a huge disappointment. “


Jane Fonda