Ryan Leaf is back in prison

The former quarterback of the NFL Ryan Leaf was arrested and placed behind bars, Friday, in California.

The sheriff’s department of Riverside Country said that a man of 44 years has taken the handcuffs to a case of domestic violence that would be held at his home in Palm Desert.

Saturday, Leaf was still detained at the jail Larry D. Smith and his bail was $5000.

This is the second time that Leaf is in prison. The one who has been a disappointment in the circuit Goodell had been arrested in 2012 for being introduced into a home to steal opiates. He had developed a nasty addiction to powerful drugs.

Leaf was the second selection to the total of the draft of 1998, he was selected by the Chargers in San Diego. With this team, he has maintained a record of 4-14 in three seasons. In 2001, Leaf played for the Dallas Cowboys, but has not been able to get a victory in three starts. In his career, he threw 14 passes affected and been a victim of a 36 interceptions.

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