Rybak from Norway caught record cod weighing more than 55 pounds

In Norway fisherman Tony Lorsen managed to catch cod with a record weight of 55.5 kg.

Рибак з Норвегії зловив рекордну тріску вагою понад 55 кілограм

On average, the ordinary fish of this type weighs about 40 kg

Representatives of the International Confederation of sport fishing reported that a local fisherman Tony Lorsen exceeded the record cod caught in 2013. At that time the maximum weight of cod was not above 47 pounds. As he told the fisherman Tony Lorsen, he had to work hard to get the cod into the boat from the dark water. Fish actively resisted on the hook, the fisherman trying to throw off the boat, reports Rus.Media.

A few times she managed to hit Tony, but he was adamant and overcame the cod monster. First, when a fish is hooked, Tony did not understand, he feared such a catch because he didn’t know what was caught. When the cod was in the hands of the champion, he stressed that its length is almost identical with the average height of a man. The fish weight is equal to 55,5 kg and this was the highest figure in five years.

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