S. Storm: again the Hungarians about “their” land in the Carpathians

С.Шторм: снова венгры о "своих" землях в Закарпатье

In the Hungarian press released a story about a new phase in the conflict over land between the Transcarpathian Ukraine and Hungary. Hungarians perceive for granted, the fact that the weaning of land Carpathian Ukraine, wonder why the Ukrainians don’t like it.

“Organization “Unitary Ukraine” expressed outrage at the idea of creating a Hungarian district in Subcarpathia, located in Berehove (Beregszaszi, in Hungarian). Their outrage was voiced in an open letter.

The statement stressed that the initiative, which the organization called anti-Ukrainian and provocative, was initiated by Josef Barto, first Vice-President of the Council of the Transcarpathian County.

They claim that this initiative is aimed at destabilizing the region by using a so-called inertia of the local authorities and the weak position of the new Ukrainian leadership in the international arena.

They note that recently in Transcarpathia, there were several similar anti-Ukrainian aspirations, including language, autonomy, dual citizenship and the blocking of Ukrainian interests at the international level.

In their opinion, since they all failed, most recently following the guidelines of Budapest with local Hungarian separatists trying to implement a new provocative idea of creating Hungarian district in Bereishis.

They claim that the Hungarian leaders in Transcarpathia manipulate public opinion by referring to European values and democratic traditions. At the same time, anti-Ukrainian, separatist and split scenarios are aimed at violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and incitement of ethnic conflict in Subcarpathia.

“Unitary Ukraine” strongly protests and condemns the attempt to distort the essence of the reform of public administration, which, they claim, destabilizie region.

In an open letter to the members of the organization asked the Ukrainian President, Prime Minister, parliamentarians, the President of the Transcarpathian County state administration, the representative body of the Transcarpathian County Council and representatives of local government to abandon the idea of enforced nationalization by the Hungarians of the Carpathian mountains. What, in their opinion, can have catastrophic consequences for Ukraine.”

I note that the land around the coastal Hungarians see it like this:

С.Шторм: снова венгры о "своих" землях в Закарпатье

Sergey Storm

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