S. Storm: Biletsky was involved in the death of the Ukrainian law enforcers

С.Шторм: Билецкий причастен к гибели украинского правоохранителя

Increasingly difficult in the information flow, the Ukrainian media to find the truth. So I regularly analyze foreign. The level of culture and responsibility to the readers and the publisher is higher, respectively, and the truth.

What a strange group of pseudoterranova ATO are trying to stop the troops in the Donbas have heard all. But that anti-national activities are carried out using the method of the Maidan in 2014, just read in the Hungarian edition of Karpatalja.ma

Afraid of what Andrey Biletsky openly declares its support for this delusional extremist activities and resistance to the establishment of peace in Donbas. Confirming his involvement in his organization. Affirming that “accidental” death of the representatives of the opposing sides to his advantage.

Absolutely a clear repeat of the Maidan, where he shot his, and strangers, just to shake conflict.


“A group of Ukrainian nationalists and veterans opposed to the separation of Eastern Ukraine, were involved in a clash with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies in the Donetsk region on Wednesday, resulting in was killed a law enforcement officer.

The incident took place in Kreminna, Lugansk region. The nationalists went in the direction of Gold to prevent the planned division of troops between the Ukrainian army and split forces, supported by Moscow. The video, filmed at the scene shows that police shot several times during a collision. Andriy Biletsky, the leader of the nationalist organization called national housing, said that the participants were preparing for a peace operation, and had no firearms during the incident.

The trilateral contact group consisting of representatives of Kiev, Moscow and the OSCE, at the last meeting of October 1, have agreed to continue the division of troops. According to the agreement, after the Village Lugansk in the Luhansk region, where the military units were withdrawn a few kilometers back, a similar division of troops should now be started in the Gold and Petrovskoye in the Donetsk region.

However, the main condition of the beginning of the separation, said on Wednesday the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, was that the parties to respect the cease-fire for at least seven days in the designated area. However, according to a report received Wednesday from the Operational command of the Donets basin in Ukraine, some provocative attacks were still held on 7 October, which delayed the beginning of the separation of troops.

On Tuesday, the press service of the National corps declared that the nationalist and veterans ‘ organizations have created so-called “center of resistance” in the Donets basin against the “surrender” of Ukraine to Russia. Biletsky said earlier that if gold or any other settlement will be left without Ukrainian military protection because of the separation of troops, his organization will be ready to join the veterans.”

Translate into plain language: Biletsky was involved in the death of a law enforcement officer and openly supports the continuation of the war in Donbas and new victims.

Sergey Storm

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