S. Storm: the Hungarians again about infringement of their rights in Ukraine

С.Шторм: венгры снова об ущемлении их прав в Украине

In Hungary, the rage of passion on the Ukrainian Law on language. The Hungarians still claim on the international scene, that their rights, as well as the rights of other minorities, incarcerated in Ukraine according to the Law.
In the Hungarian edition Makohirado published another article on this sharp Hungarian-Ukrainian question.
“In the recent report of the Venice Commission has repeatedly stated that the law on languages, adopted during the tenure of the previous Ukrainian presidency, deprive ethnic communities of their ancestral rights to use their native language, said Saturday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary.
Peter Siarto said that it was proved that after the education act, the language act will also violate international law and Ukraine’s obligations.
The laws, supported by the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Kyiv the previous Parliament, aimed at excluding the use of minority languages in all spheres of life.It is unacceptable for Hungary.
But the Hungarian government still thinks that “new President – new hope”, said the Minister of foreign Affairs, hinting at Vladimir Zelensky, who was elected in the spring.
As soon as Transcarpathian Hungarians back their lost rights, Hungary will once again support the process of Ukraine’s integration into NATO.
“Not before,” said Peter Siarto. 6 December Venice Commission urged Ukraine to cancel the law on the use of minority languages, which separate the Ukrainian language and other formal or informal minority languages of the European Union. This position is not justified.
Group on constitutional law of the Council of Europe recommended that all stakeholders, in particular representatives of national minorities, to participate in the drafting of legislation on the use of minority languages”.
Let me remind you, Hungary blocks any movement of Ukraine towards NATO is based on the absolutely contrary to the international obligations of the Law on languages. It violates all languages, making the “over the knee” people communicate in Ukrainian.

Sergey Storm

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