S. Storm: the poles on the attempted seizure of their land by the party Poroshenko

С.Шторм: поляки о попытке захвата их земель партией Порошенко

In the vast Polish media often to find objective information about Ukraine, than in Ukraine. I present to You the new material about the true attitude of European States towards Ukrainian nationalism.

The material is called “Far from Europe”.

October 17, thirteen members of the Ukrainian Parliament has formed a parliamentary inter-faction group for, in their words, “cultural” and “social” “the return of the Ukrainian ethnic lands home.” The initiators of this team want to start with the Kuban region, located within the borders of Russia, but they also mean “other regions”. Alexey Goncharenko – Deputy from the party of European Solidarity the former President, Petro Poroshenko was the leader of this team, which was named “Kuban”. At the time, he became a hero of the Polish media after the Russian police stopped him in Moscow March 1, 2015, during the procession in honor of the murdered Boris Nemtsov. In Russia Goncharenko is accused of involvement in the trade unions House fire in Odessa during the mass murder on may 2, 2014.

“Our goal is to develop a policy of return in the cultural and social framework of Ukrainian ethnic territories and ethnic Ukrainians. First, let’s deal with Kuban. But other regions inhabited by Ukrainians, are also under our attention,” – said Goncharenko.

In addition to Goncharenko, the team whodata: Andriy Parubiy, a leading figure of modern Ukrainian nationalism and one of the main figures of the revolution Kiev 2014, Mr Ariev (EU), Artem Chigoes (EU), Sofia Fedina (EU), Arthur Gerasimov (EU), Oleg synyutka (EU) – famous Ukrainian nationalist, former Governor of Lviv region Mykola velychkovych (EU), Igor Huts (independent) Yulia Klimenko (Voice) and Oksana Savchuk of deobandism of the Freedom party.

In the context of a parliamentary team “Kuban” it will be recalled that, in the opinion of Ukrainian nationalists, former and current, “Ukrainian ethnic lands” are also parts of South-Eastern Poland, which they called “Sackerson”. Repeatedly the leader of the “neo-Bandera Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnybok said about “Ukrainian ethnic lands in Poland.” Recently the press service of the Lviv city Council also used this formulation. The echo of these views was made in last year’s resolution of Ukrainian Parliament on the occasion of the anniversary of the “deportation of the indigenous Ukrainians from the region Lemkos, Nadine, Helmchen, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Lubaczowski and Western Boyko”, in which the poles in these lands, named by the colonialists. Currently, these lands are part of the Lublin, Subcarpathian Voivodeship and voivodeships”.

There is no doubt that the purpose of creating a parliamentary team “Kuban” is undermining the policies of President Vladimir Zelensky, aimed at ending the war in the Donbass or the termination of blocking the exhumations and commemoration of the Polish victims of the genocide perpetrated by the OUN and the UPA. The aim is to stir up relations with the neighbors of Ukraine – because it’s the only thing that Ukrainian nationalists could and can still. The situation with the parliamentary team “Kuban” shows primarily two things:

1 the political base of Petro Poroshenko, the favorite ousted from power in Ukraine, the Polish elite consists mainly of imitators of Ukrainian nationalism;

2 as long as the followers of Stepan Bandera and Dmytro Dontsov have something to say in Ukraine, while they function in the political life of this country – Ukraine will never become a normal state. She will never be able to establish relations with its neighbors and become a country, the relevant European minimum standards. Ukrainian nationalism – a heavy burden that will always pull this country down.

The purpose of the Kiev coup in 2014, which was enthusiastically supported by politicians and the Polish media, was, presumably, to steer Ukraine on the path to membership in the European Union. Well, with the parliamentary group “Kuban” Ukraine can not tend to any of the European Union. Mockery and arrogance typical of Ukrainian nationalists is that the initiators of the parliamentary team are deputies from the party of “European solidarity”, which must fight for Ukraine’s membership in the EU. Thanks to this European solidarity Ukraine will depart from the EU and Europe as such. Now they are far from Europe, as evidenced by the initiative of deputies of the Congress of the United States, which contacted the US state Department with a request to recognize the “Azov” volunteer regiment as a terrorist organization. The congressmen said that “Azov” is “ultranationalist organization supremacy of the white race, which gladly embraces the neo-Nazis”, which is manifested in 2014.

The question arises why such an assessment was ever made by the Seimas of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland. Why is the creation of “Kuban” parliamentary group, as well as other excesses of Ukrainian nationalists is ignored by politicians and the media of Poland? Who really support the Polish policy in Ukraine? After all, without the help of Poland the Ukraine will never be free from Bandera and desovskogo nationalism and never will be a normal European country. But the President Zelensky cannot rely on this aid, because the Polish political establishment actually supports Ukrainian nationalists (painted in “European solidarity” Poroshenko).

Sergey Storm

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