S. Storm: the poles revolted commemorative coin with the warriors

С.Шторм: поляки возмущены юбилейной монетой с воином УПА

The Polish edition Sputniknews with indignation published an article devoted to the jubilee coins issued by the national Bank of Ukraine. Bring her in full.

The national Bank of Ukraine adopted a decision to celebrate the 75th anniversary of liberation from German occupation, releasing a coin with the image of a fighter of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA).

“Dedicated to the memory of the heroic feat of Ukrainian people during the Second world war, the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi occupation in the autumn of 1944, memory and reconciliation soldiers who gave their lives for Ukraine,” reads the description on the website of the Ukrainian National Bank.

Coin Nazi supporters criticized the Deputy from “public Servants” Maxim Buzhansky.

“And when, as in this town liberated from the Nazis UPA” writes Buzhansky in your telegram. bot.

In may 2015, President Petro Poroshenko gave the UPA the status of “fighters for independence” of Ukraine, and its members – the right to social security. Moscow condemned the decision, noting that Ukraine is a country where the Nazis killed thousands of people.

In October 1942, the UPA was formed, the OUN. During the Second world war, the UPA fought against the Soviet army on the side of the Nazis. In Russia, the OUN and UPA are included in the list of banned extremist organizations.

History disputes

In recent years, relations between Kiev and Warsaw there was tension, mostly on the background of discussions about developments related to historical memory. Warsaw condemned the position of Kiev in the glorification of the OUN-UPA and criticizes the acts of vandalism against the Polish monuments in Ukraine.

Spring in Poland came into force a law providing criminal liability for propaganda of “Bandera ideology” and the denial of the massacre in Volyn. Kiev acknowledged that these provisions are aimed against Ukraine.

The culmination of the events of 1943, called the Volyn massacre is July 11. On this day, Ukrainian nationalists attacked about 150 polka villages at the same time. Polish historians believe the killings in Volhynia genocide and ethnic cleansing say about the murder, according to various estimates, from 100 to 130 thousand people.

At the end of September Kiev had agreed to Poland exhumed victims of the Volyn massacre in Ukraine. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, Vice-President of the Institute of national remembrance, said that the work is scheduled for next spring.

Sergey Storm

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