S. Storm: the Polish press about Ukrainian nationalism during the week

С.Шторм: польская пресса об украинском национализме за неделю

I present to You a brief overview of the Polish media that publish materials about Ukraine. Traditionally emphasize the objectivity of this information, because the sources are not from Ukraine and not from Russia.

Edition Dorzeczy.pl published material about the recognition of the American congressmen of the Ukrainian shelf “Azov” terrorist organization.
“20 Oct 40 congressmen have written to U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo letter, which requested that a regiment of National Guard “Azov” and the other two far-right organizations in Europe in the list of terrorist organizations. Today, this issue was understood at the meeting of interior Minister of Ukraine Avakov Arsene with the Deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Christina Queen.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement after the meeting. Avakov presented the following position on the subject of this letter: “Shameful information campaign about the alleged spread of Nazi ideology in the Azov special forces (…) is a deliberate attempt to discredit the “Azov” and the national guard of Ukraine, first of all, in the eyes of international partners.” Avakov expressed the hope that Ukraine’s partners and colleagues will consider honest and open position of Ukraine in the struggle for the defence of democracy”.

Poles eloquent comments to this article.
“I recommend to pay attention on how many years have passed they (Americans) have gathered together with our allies to Iraq, talking about “democracy”!!! And today still, the Iraqis are protesting because ordinary citizens do not have access to even water… not to mention basic civil liberties,” writes zgreeeed50.

“Jews throw Bandershtadt from all sides” laughs Bandera D of the UPA.

“Sorry, brief information about the characters and the political program of the organization was not presented because it was not a regular military unit of Ukraine. The fact that they were fighting against Russian aggression in the Crimea, cannot automatically be classified as a defense of Western civilization. As for me, it’s the same thing that Ukraine uses the symbols “Tryzub” carved in his time on the breast of the murdered poles, women and children. This should at least cause for concern about the intentions of the Ukrainians and organizations such as “Azov”. And those us senators who prepared the letter, clearly Pro-Russian”.

In category kresywekrwe on 22 October published an article on commemoration of defenders of the village of Birch.
“In the 74-th anniversary of the attacks of Ukrainian insurgent army on the Birch (of Przemyski County) at the roundabout in Elblag, named in honor of the defenders of this city, lit candles. “We must remember this story today, so it will never happen again”, – says Stanislav Sorochinskiy (85), citizen of elbląg, the origin of Volyn.

On Tuesday, October 22, as the initiators of the commemoration of defenders of Birci in Elblag, we observed such a humble way the memory of the poles who, 74 years ago, repelled the attack of the Ukrainian nationalists. It is for them and for all victims of the UPA, near a memorial stone set at the intersection of Niepodleglosci and Legionowa, we lit candles and laid red and white roses.

The order of the commander of the UPA Miroslav Onishkevich, published on 9 September 1944, concerned the liquidation of poles in the whole Podkarpackie province. The command of the UPA was planning an attack on the Birch, which was to lead to the elimination of this city by killing its inhabitants. October 22, 1945, three hours of the night until midnight: “Wren”, “Hara” and “Suche”, which is part of the Smoking “Podkarpacie” under the command of Pavel Vacek, Psudonym rod and hundreds “Karmeliuk”, a total of 700 Ukrainians, began to attack. In addition, several adjacent units took part in the robbery. The attackers were white armband on the left sleeve. The first attack of the UPA group Bircza started a small unit of 30 people dressed in Polish uniforms. They walked in close formation on the road from przemyśl, confusing observers, and has managed to get close to a military facility. After visiting the Polish soldiers, who asked the password, the UPA suddenly opened fire. At the same time they released white missiles that signaled the attack on Birch garrison.”
Hundreds of people were brutally murdered and tortured by members of the UPA in this Polish village. Children, women without compassion.

Edition “Gdansk” invites you to take part in the meeting of the “Volhynia-lesser crime – genocide, sovershenny Ukrainian nationalists against the citizens of the Second Polish Republic in 1939-1947 gg”, which will be held on Tuesday, 29 October in Gdansk.

The program will include a screening of the film Institute of national memory, “the Burial of the dead” and the presentation of storybook “Righteous”.

“You are invited to the next meeting of the historical club Rowecki of General Stefan “Grot”.

The theme of the meeting will be the “Volhynia-lesser crime of” genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the citizens of the Second Republic in the years 1939-1947. The first discussion will start Marila Asibor of Marcona, poet and prose writer, who will present his last collection of short stories “the Righteous.” Book dedicated to the topic of Polish-Ukrainian relations in Volyn bloody night, with a special emphasis on the assistance provided normal Ukrainians svim Polish neighbours, who were killed by the nationalists of the OUN-UPA. During the meeting the author will read fragments of their stories.

Another point will be the conversation with an employee of IPN gdańsk Katarina underwood (no, not “house of cards”), the Director of the film “Bury the dead”. This is a documentary, which premiered on September 21 this year at Gdynska film festival, is a shocking story of witnesses of the genocide in Volhynia and little Poland, sovershonnogo members of the Ukrainian national groups. The film will be presented in full”.

As you can see, the poles do not forget the bloodlust of Ukrainian nationalists. And we, unlike the Germans, can never admit the shameful facts of history, denounce the UPA and bow low in front of the families of poles died at the hands of criminals and nationalists. Frost, pretend that nothing had happened and called the creation of this criminal organization “the Day of Ukrainian kozatstva” paradoxical nightmarish fact in the history of our country.

Sergey Storm

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