S. Storm: the Ukrainians want to take over Przemysl itself, and Silesia – the Germans

С.Шторм: украинцы хотят захватить Пшемысль себе, а Силезию - немцам

I continue to publish materials of the Polish press about Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is sincere, not feigned and not bought, our nearest neighbor. In the article “Why the Ukrainians are bringing guns to Poland?”.

The author expresses his outrage about the Ukraine in General, our claims on Polish land, our relationship to the poles.

“Although Poland is actively involved in the political and financial support Ukraine and its current government has done everything to show us their contempt. Typical “slap in the face” is a celebration by the Ukrainian Parliament in the spring of 2015 with criminals UPA killed poles on Volhynia. The resolution was deliberately adopted during the visit of President Bronislaw Komorowski to make the insult even more noticeable. The President of that time said nothing.

For many years the Ukrainian nationalists publicly proclaimed program of the Department of the Eastern territories from Poland (at least to przemyśl and chełm). It is not only about regularly repeated appeals of the head of the Ukrainian nationalist Andriy Tarasenko of “basic fairness”, that is, on the transfer of our Eastern territories to Ukraine. In December 2014, the provocation was even committed by the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States, which published the map of their country, where Przemysl and Chelm already “merged”. In Poland more than a million of Ukrainian immigrants and largely in areas where there may be ethnic riots. And now the stream of illegal weapons flowing to these areas.

The new Ukrainian underground army?

For almost a month attempt of weapons smuggling does not stop. This year it was particularly noticeable. First, March 31, was arrested four Ukrainians, who were trying to bring to Poland a 30-mm gun AK-630. In April, was foiled an attempt of smuggling two firearms. And that’s just what was caught. According to police, during the 2016 CBŚP intercepted 552 units of illegal firearms. Compared to the previous year, the number of detected smuggling attempts increased by 80 percent.

That our border is not secure enough, shows a strange story that happened in may, when the carriages with five tanks T-64 BM from the Ukraine moved to Poland without any supervision. Tanks reportedly went to a competition in Germany. However, only a few tens of kilometers after crossing the border, the Polish police began to observe carefully. The tankers were carrying a firearm, which was discharged, nevertheless, been transported.

We are dealing with a deliberate transfer of arms to Poland – says one of the officers of the ABW, in this case, and adds that the problem is very serious. The danger of creating the Ukrainian underground army in Poland pointed out already in the middle of last year a well-known journalist Stanislav Mikhalkevich, and in December he was troubled by the fact that have reliable information about the following large shipments of smuggled weapons to Poland.

Of course, to earn money by smuggling this is normal. In Ukraine, the AK rifle is from 500 to 1 thousand dollars, that’s cheap. The grenade launcher is 600-800 dollars. Hand grenades are just 10 dollars each. It is estimated that in Ukraine there are up to 6 million unregistered firearms. It is transported to Poland. According to estimates of officers smuggling in our country has penetrated not less than tens of thousands of firearms. The border is like a sieve.

The concern of the Ukrainian Diaspora, which is estimated at approximately 1.5 million people (plus more than a million temporary visitors). Ukraine, as a country not friendly with Poland.

Ukrainian-German forceps

Although Poland is actively involved in political and financial assistance to Ukraine, its current government has done everything to show us their contempt. Ukrainians have also made sure to exclude Poland from the peace talks on Ukraine’s future. Our Eastern neighbor willingly takes our money but believes the Germans and the French coveted mediators. Today, the traditional German-Ukrainian friendship is the greatest threat for Poland. The Austrians are responsible for the emergence of the Polish-Ukrainian conflict in the Eastern part of lesser Poland (Przemysl, Lviv, etc.). After that for many years, the Ukrainians were sensitive to the poles, confronting our aspirations for independence. Secondly, they just armed the Ukrainians, considering, as an option, the Ukrainian-Polish hostilities.

Ukraine had to wait for an independent state until 1991. To this day it bears the title of the most manageable of the Republic of the former Soviet Union. Since 1991, GDP, the cost of production of the country fell by more than 35%. In other words, the Ukrainians are more than one-third poorer than they were living under Soviet occupation. Therefore, the Ukrainian nationalist element will try to take revenge during the search for closer relations with the poles and Poland. Germany, which is widely spreading intrigues, can also benefit from the use of the Ukrainian claims to the poles. Especially since the Ukrainians colonized areas, which are claimed by the Germans. According to official data, in Wroclaw, more than 70,000 Ukrainians, that is more than 10%. According to unofficial – much more.

Basically, these are people who work hard and have come to seek their place under the sun. However, there is nothing to cheat: if they had to choose to play as Poland or Germany they would have chosen the latter. Interestingly, the coincidence of blue and yellow Silesian autonomy are exactly the same as the Ukrainian flag.

And after the fall of the Berlin wall, Germany wanted to seize Silesia. German minority in these areas is too little, but the Ukrainian element is a chance to promote a favorite strategy of Germany, that is, promotion of the Silesian autonomy. Given the pace of change in the national structure, we are talking about a real threat. And it’s not a trend that will pass. The Ukrainians bring their families to our country, create associations or sports clubs such as Dynamo Wroclaw. They buy real estate. As much as 7 per cent sold last year apartments were purchased by foreigners. According to the interior Ministry and the administration for 2016, the Ukrainians have purchased more than 64 thousand square meters, while a year earlier it was only 35.5 thousand. sq it is Expected that this trend will continue. From year to year, the Ukrainians will buy more apartments in Poland. Our country is doomed to recruit employees from this country. However, you should know that this is not only an opportunity for the economy, but a threat. Ukrainians identificeret themselves, are Poland, can be seen in the region of Przemysl and its surroundings, where they proclaim the glory of the criminals of the UPA, which murdered poles. They put monuments to the UPA. During ceremonies they assured that it was, is and will be “Ukrainian land”. They always support the Ukrainian mass media, calling Przemyslaw area “ethnic Ukrainian land.” In addition to the Germans, Ukrainian nationalists have strong support in Canada, where there is one of their largest diasporas (with over a million people). Chrystia Freeland – the new Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada, the granddaughter of a Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator of Michael Hamster. Exactly military experts from the canadian train of Ukrainian soldiers in 2015. Theoretically, to fight the separatists in the Donbas, but about przemyśl no one forgets.

So, dear friends: we, Ukrainians, are planning to capture the Wroclaw together with the Germans. And the poles suggest the creation of a clandestine Ukrainian army in Poland.

Sergey Storm

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