Saad Amine Habboub proclaims her innocence

When he is scheduled to set out his release investigation in an attempted murder case, Saad Amine Habboub claims his innocence from the Sherbrooke Detention Center where he has been held since last week.

S aad Amine Habboub is accused of pursuing her mother-in-law with a knife on November 15 in the streets of Sherbrooke.

In a message left on a mailbox at La Tribune , Habboub said he was the victim of a mounted blow.

“It’s a shot that the woman and her daughter made me. She entered my home without permission and she hit me. I just wanted to see my kids. If she wanted separation, I would have given her. She asked for it three times and each time she canceled it, “explains Saad Amine Habboub.

The accused was declared fit to cope with court proceedings following a psychiatric assessment last week.

“I have never tried to attack this madam. If I did, I was not conscious, “says the accused.

Charges of attempted murder by stabbing with a weapon, dangerous driving, death threats and armed assault using a car are laid against him.

Furious that her mother-in-law is involved in her separation, Saad Amine Habboub would have tried to bring herself to justice.

Despite conditions imposed by the court not to contact her, he chased her in the streets of Sherbrooke. Habboub attempted to immobilize his vehicle by hitting him several times with his on West Galt Street shortly before 6 pm.

At the intersection of Kitchener Street, the suspect exited his vehicle and stabbed the windows of the woman’s vehicle. He shouted in Arabic that he was going to kill her. He hit hard enough to smash the window of the vehicle.

It was the fortuitous intervention of a sergeant from the Sherbrooke Police Service that prevented the worst.

“She took my children away. I do not even have the right to see them. I have never tried to hurt my life. I am not a killer. I am not an aggressor. I’m not whoever (…) The story that is told has no connection with me. I never did all this for a separation or whatever. I had a depression after three years of marriage, “said Saad Amine Habboub in a voice message.

In addition to the charges related to this event, he is also charged with five breaches of court-ordered conditions.

It is Mr. Kim Dingman who assumes the defense of the accused, while Mr. Laïla Belgharras represents the public prosecutor in this case.

The case returns Thursday at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.

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