Saakashvili returned to Ukraine as promised

PHOTO : TASS / Maciej Luczniewski/Zuma


Former President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa region of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili returned to Ukraine. The Board on which it flied, has landed at the Kiev airport “Borispol”, the disgraced politician passed passport control, according to “WORLD 24”

Before him in Warsaw issued ID, so he could make the flight. The border guard service said that the reason not to let him into the country, is no more.

At the airport, the former Governor of Odessa region met his supporters, who were holding Ukrainian flags. Recently, Saakashvili said that in Kiev there are many of his colleagues. There it is: “studied, served in the army and fought”.

We will remind, on the eve of President Vladimir Zelensky has signed a decree to return Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship, which, in 2017, he was deprived of Petro Poroshenko.